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Why is Studying Filmmaking in the USA So Important?

If you go to college or another educational institution and complete a Cinematography course, you can start an exciting and high-paying career

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For some, studying film in the US is a common hobby. Making videos can be interesting and sometimes the process can even relax you. Someone chooses this direction as their primary career choice. Film production is a large-scale industry in the United States and around the world. According to 2009 statistics, the American film industry employed over 22.2 million employees. At the same time, the total wages of workers amounted to hundreds of billions.

Today we will talk about why students from America and foreign applicants decide to study film.

History of cinema and some statistics

The main advantage of the film industry is that it exists all over the world. Students will have no problem deciding the right educational institution for themselves in the United States or other countries. Students need to understand that although the film is related to the entertainment industry, learning is not easy. The implementation of many written creative works accompanies such studies. Sometimes students are so busy that they do not have time to relax. The output is legit research paper writing services. These online assistants help you focus on critical academic tasks while maintaining progress in other subjects.

The year of the beginning of cinema development can be called the 1830s. At this time, Simon von Stampfer from Austria, Joseph Plateau from Belgium, and William Horner from the UK introduced the first equipment for shooting film. The images were arranged around a moving disk or drum. When the coil began to rotate, the effect of moving pictures was created. Such pictures have become something new and exciting.

Until now, the passion for cinema is still alive. Equipment is constantly being upgraded, and directors use innovative ideas to attract viewers.

From 1998 to 2005, movie production doubled and sometimes tripled in some countries. So, in Canada during this period, the increase was almost 179%; in the UK—66%; and in New Zealand and Eastern Europe at 927%.

Benefits of Studying Film in the USA

All these figures indicate that the study of cinema is a promising area that will not lose its relevance even after many years. Students from the US can apply their skills to filming around the world. At the same time, you can shoot not only feature films and TV shows. The knowledge gained after the study will help shoot advertising, various events, etc.

Studying cinema is also a guarantee that you can always find a job for yourself. Even during the pandemic, filming did not stop. Companies successfully circumvented the limitation with non-working cinemas by mastering online services.

And with this profession, you will have the opportunity to choose where to live freely. The largest film studios in America are located in Hollywood, California. The film industry is no less developed in New York and Los Angeles.

The next plus is that you will have the opportunity to shoot in various formats:

•    Feature and short feature movies;
•    Educational videos;
•    Documentaries;
•    Commercials, etc.

How to start studying cinema in the USA?

It is worth starting the lengthy preparation process if you plan to study film. It will include collecting documents, writing essays, and taking school tests. In this case, websites to write essays can help with writing an essay. Qualified authors work on such resources. They study the subject and prepare professional essays. Such services help to free up leisure time to prepare for admission. You will receive a certificate with grades to help you get into film school.

For international students, it may be necessary to prepare additional documents for admission. This can be the results of English language tests, student visas, etc.

Moreover, prospective students should look into which colleges and other institutions offer film programs.

Many educational institutions in the United States provide quality film programs. Here are some of them:

•    Florida State University Film School;
•    University of Southern California;
•    Savannah School of Art & Design;
•    Columbia University, etc.

When researching information about film schools in the US, pay attention to the ratio of students to teachers, the cost of education, the availability of a hostel, transport interchange, and other factors. If you live far from the college, it is advisable to have a university bus to go to the place of study.


Cinematography is a promising area for study. If you go to college or another educational institution and complete it, you can start an exciting and high-paying career. The film industry never stands still and is constantly evolving. The profession will remain relevant for many years in a row.

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