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Why the US Citizens Want the Whole World to Burn, Just Like the Zionists?

While South Africa advocates for peace and fights for the same without any violence, the US govt. supplies weapons to commit genocide

Bradley - Fri, 19 Jan 2024 21:01:46 +0000 1175 Views
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It would be wrong to say that the world doesn't have any moral values left, but it would be certainly not wrong to say that the majority of US citizens don't care about any moral values. I am aware that Zionists are the one species who want to burn the whole world if they get such power, that is why they kill people without any age-based discrimination even if they cross paths with them. Look what's happening in Gaza.

The US has fought many wars, the majority were started by them, and though a lot of people in the US supported their government, they never fully supported these wars and even went ahead to protest against them. And I am saying that the majority of the US citizens did oppose the wars. So what has changed recently is that they are bloodthirsty and openly supporting genocide. Did something significant happen in the past two years that turned them into evil warmongers?

I do understand the anger from the people against Hamas regarding the Hamas attack on October 7 that killed 800 people. But why are they advocating the killings of more than 25000 people including 10000 children and demanding more? I am not talking about the Zionists who want to eradicate 2 million Gaza civilians. The ordinary white US citizens are now of certain belief that these people need to be killed and they are no longer hiding this hatred.

The hatred is not only for Hamas or the Palestinians, but it is also for the Houthis who didn't do any harm to US citizens directly or indirectly, the entire Muslim community, and black people from the US who support the Black Lives Matter movement. I found many social media posts boasting about the military power the US has and how they will wipe out the entire country of Yemen.

However, I also sympathize with those who do not support these actions as they are not left with much choice. Both the central parties, the Republicans and the ruling Democrats are controlled by the Zionists. You either get Genocide Joe, who doesn't think people are getting killed in Palestine or you get Trump or Helly who promises to kill more children and eradicate entire Gaza.

The majority of the white people in the US or to say in the entire West are suffering from a victim complex. They are of the belief that the people on whom they or their ancestors ruled over, tortured them, and owned them as slaves are now coming to get them. They believe the BLM movement weakened their superiority and now Arabs are also challenging them, which is not true in any sense. But claiming to be a victim after treating fellow humans as animals for 1000s of years and recently after killing 25K of them, is totally on a different level. I mean you got to be suffering from a stage 9 or 10 victim complex to claim yourself to be oppressed after killing 25000 people. Next thing you know, these Zionists will drop a Nuke in the Middle East, and these US citizens will be crying, "You made us bomb them, and we are the biggest victim."

But without any doubt, this victim complex is spreading like wildfire in the West. The majority of the white people and few of the black ones who believe they are white are taking weapons in their hands and not just for the school shootings. Just two months back, one murderer killed a young kid while attacking his Palestinian mother. A few weeks later, three Palestinians were attacked. Many people working in the US companies have lost their jobs, just for appealing to stop the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Many are getting attacked openly, just for supporting Palestine as the Zionist-controlled government won't take any action against the psychos supporting Genocide.

However, all of them are not just suffering from victim complexes, some are born evil, I mean they believe in their ancestors whose culture involved treating a black-color person as an animal and owning them as slaves. I was shocked to see a dude claiming that his ancestors couldn't afford slaves because they were too costly and then he cried believing that the world/US didn't do justice to his family.

But is all the hope lost? Are we going to see the whole world burn because use is a superpower and they can? or is there any chance that some humanity is still left? There is no chance for the Zionists as they continue to kill 100s of kids every day, they have already moved to the dark side, I am certain, but there might be some light still left in the US citizens. That light can be seen in some of the pro-Palestine protests happening in the country. The majority of the people protesting are migrants and immigrants including Arabs, Asians, Africans, and Latinos, but a few white US citizen's presence certainly gives me hope that all is not dark, yet.



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