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‘Yahoo+’ Netflix Movie Review - Scams and Sacrifices in Nigeria

The movie follows two Nigerian friends who resort to internet fraud but must make human sacrifices to achieve wealth through Yahoo Plus.

Anjali Sharma - Fri, 21 Jul 2023 19:07:55 +0100 5613 Views
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Directed by Ebuka Njoku and featuring a talented cast including Ken Erics, Somadina Adinma, Lorenzo Menakaya, Echelon Mbadiwe, Ifeoma Obinwa, and Keezyto, Netflix's 'Yahoo+' presents an intriguing premise, but ultimately falls short in execution. The film explores the desperate measures two friends take when their dreams of joining Nollywood are shattered by poverty. While the movie does have some positives, it's hindered by its low-budget feel and lackluster direction.

One of the film's strengths lies in its portrayal of the harsh realities of life in a third-world country like Nigeria. The frustrations faced by the protagonists, Ose and Abacha, as they grapple with poverty and the desire for financial stability, strike a chord with viewers. The movie manages to effectively highlight the lengths to which people may go to escape poverty, even resorting to illegal activities like internet scams, which adds depth to the storyline.

Additionally, the portrayal of poverty in different forms is commendable. The conversations between the characters, particularly Ose and Abacha, underscore the underlying desperation for money. The film aptly depicts the characters' distinct approaches to achieving their goals, showcasing the diversity of survival instincts in the face of adversity.

However, Yahoo+ stumbles in several aspects, most notably its uninspired direction. The movie's low-budget nature is evident, and the static, long shots give it a somewhat amateurish feel. Some scenes lack coherence, leaving viewers puzzled by their relevance to the overall story. A missed opportunity lies in the cinematography, which fails to set the mood effectively. The camera remains static throughout, missing crucial close-ups that would have enhanced emotional moments, such as the shock on Kamso's face or the guilt on Abacha's. Without proper cinematography, even the editing struggles to salvage the impact of these scenes.

Moreover, the acting performance across the board is uneven. While Keezyto delivers a convincing portrayal of Ose, other cast members fail to leave a lasting impression. Strong performances are crucial in drawing audiences into the characters' struggles, but the lack of consistency in acting hinders the film's emotional depth.

The plot, revolving around the duo's entry into the dark world of Yahoo Plus, promises an intriguing narrative. The idea of incorporating juju or occult practices adds an element of mystery and danger. However, the execution falls short of its potential. The film lacks the suspense and tension that one would expect from a thriller, leaving some scenes feeling lackluster and anticlimactic.

Furthermore, the plot's development doesn't always align cohesively with the characters' motivations. Some actions seem forced, and certain events occur without proper justification, diminishing the overall impact of the storyline. This inconsistency undermines the movie's attempts to portray the struggles of the protagonists convincingly.

In conclusion, 'Yahoo+' attempts to tackle the issue of poverty and desperation in Nigeria through an unconventional and dark narrative. While the portrayal of the characters' struggles with poverty is praiseworthy, the film falls short due to its low-budget execution and uninspired direction. The lack of effective cinematography and inconsistent acting further hamper the movie's ability to immerse viewers in its story.

As a Nigerian film, 'Yahoo+' does shed light on relevant issues, but its potential is not fully realized. With improved direction, better cinematography, and stronger performances, this movie could have been a compelling and engaging thriller. As it stands, while 'Yahoo+' may capture the attention of some viewers, it fails to leave a lasting impact and ultimately misses the mark as a standout Nigerian film.

Final Score- [5/10]
Reviewed by - Anjali Sharma
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