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‘You Do You’ Netflix Movie Review - Predictable and Offers Scant Pleasures

The movie follows Merve, who starts a new job after facing eviction and stumbles into a spicy setup with her boss

Vikas Yadav - Fri, 09 Jun 2023 14:19:09 +0100 6784 Views
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You Do You, directed by Cemal Alpan and written by Alpan and Ceylan Naz Baycan, is one of the most predictable films of the year. From the opening itself, we accurately figure out where this movie is headed and where it will eventually end. There are no surprises. A cliché works if it's competently executed. Otherwise, the audience gets bored and unenthusiastically murmurs, "I knew this was going to happen." You Do You tries to distract us from its flaws by oozing cuteness. It has colorful frames and soft edges. This is why watching it is like consuming sweet candy.

Alpan aims to keep you happy and relaxed. Hence, the heavy bits arrive with mirth and/or are quickly dropped. For instance, a heartbroken Merve (Ahsen Eroglu) gets a two-minute montage, and we see her put an "I am depressed" sign on her countenance. So concerned the movie is to present itself as casual entertainment that the dramatic portions are blithely resolved. They almost feel non-existent and evaporate as soon as they are mentioned. Anil (Ozan Dolunay), a wealthy businessman, buys Merve's apartment, leaving her family with 30 or something days to vacate the premises. What's more, Anil and Merve fall in love with each other, and the latter gathers a lot of Instagram followers.

I can tell you how all these threads unfold and how they are concluded, but that would be futile. Anyone can spot the plot's "secrets" from a distance. Subtlety is not the name of the game here. Merve's friends work on a dating app where users can wear animal masks and pour their hearts out to potential partners. What mask does Anil wear? A wolf's. In case you are unable to connect the dots, the movie throws in various wolf-related analogies that make you yawn. It's all laughable, not clever. I thought You Do You would go one (ridiculous) step ahead and explain the "grand meaning" behind Merve's favorite place. Why does she like those stairs? Perhaps, because her life is filled with ups and downs? Thankfully, no character provides a similar or any other explanation.

Anil is rich, all right, but he is also lonely. How does the movie communicate the latter idea? Through that cliché of an underlit luxurious home. Anil seeks vengeance and so hires Merve to make her life hell. He also monitors her through CCTV cameras, which I guess one couldn't label as creepy behavior since Anil is a good-looking chap. Also, let's talk about that dating app.

I agreed with Anil when he dismissed the concept in front of his secretary. And Anil's actions expose the app's flaws as he manipulates his voice and chats with Merve. But the movie counters this point by showing that Anil is indeed Merve's soulmate. Remember what I mentioned earlier? You Do You solely wants to wear a carefree tone. There are a few scenes that serve as a source of enjoyment, like the one that takes place in an elevator. Furthermore, Eroglu and Dolunay give fine performances. Nevertheless, You Do You's pleasures remain scant. It's more suitable as background noise while you do your chores.

Final Score- [5/10]
Reviewed by - Vikas Yadav
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