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‘You’ Season 4 Part 1 Review - Returns With the Old Charms!

In Season 4, Joe vows to bury the past and be his best self starting anew in London, but on the rocky road to redemption, a new obsession takes hold

Poornima Balsu - Thu, 09 Feb 2023 15:30:01 +0000 2049 Views
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The famous Netflix series You is back with another season in 2023. This season gives the viewers two parts - part one was released on February 9th and the second part will be released exactly within a month i.e., March 9th. The first part of season 4 has 5 episodes, each having a run time of 41 – 52 minutes. The previous seasons have had 10 episodes each without the parting, and this is the first time the show is trying this format.

This Netflix thriller has had so many viewers because of its thrilling episodes and the show is finally back with another season after much anticipation. You can be described as a series that has thrilling characters, a story, and a setting. In the first three seasons, we have seen many sides of the main character Joe, who does and goes to many extends for love. You can be described as a psychological thriller considering the main character’s obsessive behavior that has been shown to us throughout the past 3 seasons. The previous season ended with a lot of stuff happening around Joe. In the last season we witnessed Love’s death, Joe’s fake death, and also his sudden departure to Paris. This season will take the story from there telling us about Joe’s recent life, what chaos follows him, and the hell he will create for himself and others.

Season 3 of You got so many mixed reactions from the viewers. Some thoroughly enjoyed the season whereas some found that the show has dropped off from the standards it had once set. Nonetheless, everyone who has loved You as a show was eagerly waiting for its return with the new season. In the new season of You, we see Joe in London identifying himself by the name Jonathan Moore. This season surprisingly has a slightly different vibe from the usual stalker vibes the show has been delivering us. For watching season 4, it is immensely necessary for the viewers to have a thorough understanding of the happenings in the previous season. Even though season 4 begins with a quick recap of what was happening, watching the previous seasons will enhance the overall watching experience of the viewers.

Season 4 not only has taken a different approach in categorizing the episodes but also has taken a refreshing turn in the plot of the series. The new season certainly has a new side to the story, which will come as quite refreshing to the audience since the show has been following the same pattern plot-wise, for the past three seasons. Even those fans who didn’t enjoy season 3 for various reasons will love season 4 since it has the elements that the show has in its first two thrilling seasons. Some might even find the story a little bit disconnected from the previous season but it is just the refreshing plot twists and thrilling elements that this season offers us.

This season focuses a bit on the social surroundings. The show comments on the different levels of relationships humans have and also about the unworthy rich people we see in society. Even though It’s quite a common topic among everything else we have around us, this theme still stands out among the others in this new season.

This season can certainly be stood out from the previous seasons. It gives us another view into joe’s life, his psychic side accompanied by thrilling plot twists and surprises. Also, Penn Badgley is just too good as Joe and he just keeps getting better with each season. It is almost possible to say that YOU can be watched only for Badgley’s performance. Anyway, season 4 has done quite well and can be easily enjoyed with the same enthusiasm the audience felt with the initial seasons. Watch the new season part 1 of You for some good entertaining hours.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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