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‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead’ Netflix Movie Review - A Zom-edy Adventure that Grabs You

The film follows Akira, a downtrodden salaryman who turns a zombie apocalypse into an opportunity to complete 100 bucket list items before he becomes one of the undead.

Anjali Sharma - Thu, 03 Aug 2023 19:15:04 +0100 1578 Views
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"Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead" bursts onto the screen like a wave of infectious energy, blending the undead with salaryman woes in a way that is uniquely captivating. The film's premise, inspired by Haro Aso's hit manga series, offers a refreshing twist to the zombie genre - surviving the apocalypse is the ultimate escape from the soul-crushing monotony of everyday life.

At the heart of this undead adventure is Akira Tendo, a 23-year-old salaryman stuck in the soul-crushing grind of a thankless job. But when the world goes to hell in a handbasket, Akira finds the opportunity for a fresh start – a chance to live life on his terms. Instead of letting the apocalypse crush his spirit, Akira devises a bucket list of 100 things he wants to experience before turning into a brain-craving zombie.

Masaki Akaso's portrayal of Akira is nothing short of outstanding. He effortlessly captures the essence of a young man seeking meaning in a chaotic world. With every tick on his bucket list, Akira's transformation is both heartwarming and hilarious, reminding us that amidst the horror, there is always room for laughter and personal growth.

The film's pace mirrors the breakneck speed of the zombie horde, propelling us from one thrilling sequence to another. From rooftop chases to hair-raising encounters, "Zom 100" delivers edge-of-your-seat excitement while never losing sight of its comedic charm. The seamless blend of action and humor keeps the movie engaging, catering to both adrenaline junkies and comedy enthusiasts alike.

As Akira's journey unfolds, he is joined by Kencho (Shuntarô Yanagi) and Shizuka (Mai Shiraishi), fellow survivors who add depth and camaraderie to the narrative. Their interactions inject heart into the chaos, creating a trio that you can't help but root for till the end.

However, despite its many strengths, "Zom 100" falls prey to a few undead clichés. The film's premise, while refreshing, occasionally loses its bite as the plot gets overwhelmed by the relentless zombie horde. Some character arcs feel rushed, leaving a craving for deeper exploration and emotional depth.

Furthermore, while the live-action adaptation does an admirable job, it can't quite match the depth and visual flair of its animated counterpart. The manga and anime versions of "Zom 100" offer a more immersive experience, allowing the story's complexities to shine.

Nonetheless, the film's infectious energy and quirky charm make it a worthy addition to the genre. "Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead" is a celebration of life, reminding us to cherish the moments that truly matter, even when the world crumbles around us. Akira's transformation is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, urging us to break free from the shackles of routine and embrace our passions.

In the end, "Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead" injects new life into the zombie genre, offering a refreshing and enjoyable take on the apocalypse. With its mix of humor, action, and heart, the film entertains and inspires in equal measure. Masaki Akaso's portrayal of Akira is a standout performance, capturing the essence of a relatable protagonist on a journey of self-discovery. While the anime may have the edge, this live-action adaptation still manages to carve out its own space in the hearts of viewers. So, if you're looking for a zombie flick that will leave you both laughing and contemplating life, "Zom 100" deserves a spot on your watch list.

Final Score- [7/10]
Reviewed by - Anjali Sharma
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