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‘A Time Called You’ Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

A heartbroken woman magically travels through time to 1998, when she encounters a guy who has an eerie resemblance to her late love.

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Netflix has revealed the trailer (watch above) and premiere date for the Korean-language series, ‘A Time Called You.’ Set between 1998 and 2023, ‘A Time Called You’ will be released on September 8, 2023, on Netflix, worldwide.

The trailer represents the start of the time-travel romance. Jun-hee (Jeon Yeo Been), who is missing her late boyfriend (Ahn Hyo Seop), who died tragically, listens to a strange cassette tape that brings her back to 1998. Jun-hee's desperate longing to see Yeon-jun one final time came true when he awoke to see Si-heon who looked precisely like him. Meanwhile, the trailer teases a burgeoning relationship centered on an enticing love triangle, as well as some mystery.

In the series, Jun-hee (Jeon Yeo-bin) is restless as she tries to recuperate from the death of her long-time boyfriend, Yeon-jun (Ahn Hyo-seop), in a car accident a year earlier. She leads an empty existence, convinced that Yeon-jun is still alive someplace until she gets a bizarre photo and a parcel from an unknown person one day. A snapshot shows a girl who looks just like herself, a boy who looks precisely like Yeon-jun, and an unknown boy standing in front of the "27 Record Shop" and a box containing an ancient cassette player. Jun-hee miraculously travels in time from 2023 to 1998 when she slides the cassette tape into the player.

Meanwhile, in 1998, Si-heon (Ahn Hyo-seop), a brilliant, athletic, and attractive young man, discovers that his closest buddy In-gyu (Kang hoon) has emotions for a lady working at "27 Record Shop," and decides to assist him. The three immediately become friends, but Min-ju's vehicle accident changes everything. Min-ju awakens a few days after the vehicle accident, but something has changed about her. Instead of her typical quiet and introverted personality, she surprises everyone by becoming very extroverted and friendly. As a matter of fact, Even Min-ju is taken aback by what is happening to her - she has the same look, but everything else, even the time, has altered. Jun-hee from 2023 has awoken as Min-ju from 1998. Furthermore, Si-heon, the first boy she sees when she wakes up, resembles her long-time lover Yeon-jun, so she is thrilled and astounded. Si-heon curiously begins to develop affection for Min-ju, who has 'transformed'. Meanwhile, In-gyu becomes lost in the two's delicate aura.

As Jun-hee tries to solve the secrets of time travel and put things back together, she discovers that Min-ju's tragedy was not an accident, but was deliberately planned by someone and that Min-ju might die again soon.

The cast of the series includes Ahn Hyo-seop as Gu Yeon-jun and Nam Si-heon, Jeon Yeo-been as Han Jun-hee and Kwon Min-ju, Kang Hoon as Jung In-gyu, and Lee Min-goo.



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