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‘Akuma Kun’ Netflix Series Review - A Dark and Thrilling Anime

The series follows a boy raised by a demon and his half-human partner as they solve paranormal mysteries.

Arpita Mondal - Thu, 09 Nov 2023 17:18:27 +0000 910 Views
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Akuma Kun is a Netflix original anime series that premiered on November 9, 2023. It is based on the manga of the same name by Shigeru Mizuki, the creator of GeGeGe no Kitaro. The series is directed by Junichi Sato, who also helmed the 1989 anime adaptation of Akuma Kun. The series consists of 12 episodes, each about 25 minutes long. The series follows Akuma Kun, a boy who was raised by a demon named Akuma I. Akuma Kun has the ability to summon and control various demons, which he uses to help people who are troubled by supernatural phenomena. He is accompanied by his partner, Mephisto III, a half-human, half-demon who can transform into a motorcycle. Together, they work as paranormal investigators, solving various murder and mystery cases that involve demons, curses, and other occult forces.

Akuma Kun is a dark and thrilling anime series that reimagines the classic manga by Shigeru Mizuki. The series updates the setting and the characters to fit the modern era while retaining the essence and the spirit of the original work. The series explores themes such as human nature, morality, faith, and free will, as well as the complex relationship between humans and demons. The series also pays homage to Mizuki’s other works, such as GeGeGe no Kitaro and NonNonBa, by featuring references and cameo appearances of some of his iconic characters.

The series boasts a stellar voice cast, led by Yuki Kaji as Akuma Kun and Toshio Furukawa as Mephisto III. Kaji delivers a nuanced performance as the protagonist, who is both innocent and ruthless, compassionate and cold, depending on the situation.

The series also features stunning animation and art direction, courtesy of Studio Pierrot, the studio behind Naruto and Bleach. The series showcases a variety of demons, each with their own unique design and personality, ranging from cute and friendly to grotesque and terrifying.

The series also creates a contrast between the mundane and the supernatural, by depicting the everyday life of the characters in a realistic and detailed manner, while highlighting the eerie and mysterious aspects of the paranormal world. The series also uses a dark and muted color palette, which creates a gloomy and ominous atmosphere, as well as a sense of danger and suspense.

I also appreciate the way the series handles its violence and gore. The series is not afraid to show the dark side of the supernatural world, but it never does so in a gratuitous or exploitative way. The violence is always used to serve the story and to develop the characters.

I have found the pacing of Akuma Kun to be slow and meandering. This is especially true in the middle of the season, where the series focuses on several relatively mundane cases. While the pacing does pick up in the latter half of the season, some viewers may find that the overall pace of the series is too slow for their liking.

Akuma Kun is a stylish and dark supernatural anime series that is sure to please fans of the genre. The series has well-developed characters, top-notch animation, and a thought-provoking story. However, the pacing can be slow at times, and some of the cases are not as interesting as others. Overall, Akuma Kun is a well-made and enjoyable anime series that is worth checking out.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
Publisher at Midgard Times



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