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‘Believer 2’ Netflix Movie Review - Overcompensation for Absence of an Upright Plot

The movie follows a dedicated detective, who pursues the truth about Asia’s greatest narcotics network and its elusive head, with whom he has unfinished business.

Riya Singh - Sat, 18 Nov 2023 11:28:20 +0000 696 Views
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Believer (2018) ended with Officer Jo confronting Rak in his home in Norway where he was residing with the twins and Laika (the dog). We heard a gun sound while the screen went blank which pointed toward the death of either Rak or Officer Jo. To our surprise, the second movie opens up showing both of them alive.

The hunt continues for Mr. Lee and various puppets get killed. The movie in its beginning showed a ten-minute recap of what went on in the first film, and it was a good addition because that’s how the audience recollects and gets prepared for what is coming next.

Officer Jo’s support has been withdrawn from the Police Station and was suspended for six months due to the death of a fellow officer. Jo needed to understand the importance of teamwork, unfortunately, due to the lack of it he lost two young officers.

Han Hyo-joo as Big Knife gave a power-packed performance. Seeing her in Moving and now in Believer, it has become certain that the actress can very well nail the action scenes a title requires. While in Moving she was in a positive role, here she has played the exact opposite still the charm remained nonetheless.

Why Oh Seung-hoon played the role of Rak in this series instead of Ryu Jun-yeol is unknown. I liked the former actor better in that role because the way he controlled his emotions and kept them secretive was amusing. Oh, Seung-hoon couldn’t fit in the steps left by the previous actor and gave a rather dull performance.

Those who have seen Believer (2018) and remember Ryu Jun-yeol will know how he formed the soul of the movie. In the second film, it is the character of Big Knife that takes the limelight. Apart from her character, everyone else’s acting was quite boring. From the beginning, Officer Jo was clueless about what he was getting involved in and the same happened here too.

This movie is more about fighting scenes and badass actions instead of a good plot. If the audience after watching Believer 2 sits back for 2 minutes and thinks what these two films were about then it is good twists, excessive ammunition, and exceeding brutal fight scenes. The plot is very less here as the motive of both the films was to find Mr. Lee. Everyone has their motive to go behind the drug lord.

After stepping into the second installment of Believer, expect to hear the sounds of guns firing every ten to fifteen minutes. All the characters have their things going on and it is in the last twenty-seven minutes that things start to fall into place. Again, I wasn’t impressed because watching two films for such a bad ending wasn’t justifiable. A solid closing of the title was required where the writers miserably failed.

While everyone was searching for Mr. Lee and confused about him being Rak was introduced in the first film, it was disappointing to know who he in reality was. Linking up the identity of the villain and child abuse was an innovative and unique move from the writers.

In all, Believer 2 is a good film if you want to watch high-end fighting scenes. The audience who wants to opt for a good plot with action should forget this title. There are many pitiable characters with no story of their own. Of those whose backgrounds are shown, only one or two managed to leave a mark.

Final Score – [6/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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