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Bloody Revenge Begins in the Extended Trailer of ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ at Netflix

“The Beginning of Bloody Revenge” in a land forbidden for 100 years, the story everyone has been curious about will finally come out on July 23

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Netflix has revealed the main & extended trailer for “Kingdom: Ashin of the North,” a special episode of the Kingdom series that teases the beginning of Joseon's great tragedy, and tells the story of Ashin and the resurrection plant. The special episode will be released on July 23 only on Netflix.

The main trailer depicts the vast northern forest, and a foreboding atmosphere can be sensed as the view shifts deep into the forest. Dead bodies are discovered in Pyesa-gun, a 100-year-old forbidden zone, and a dangerous tiger attacks. The tragedy that befalls Joseon clearly begins in the north. 

An unknown man explodes with anger and says, “Be ready for bloody revenge.” Then Ashin's village is brutally attacked. Ashin, a young woman, loses everything in an instant and is left alone. The story of how Ashin's deep sorrow leads to the calamities that besiege Joseon builds anticipation and curiosity as Kingdom: Ashin of the North reveals more details.

Furthermore, seeing more of Gianna Jun, Kim Sia, and Park Byung-eun makes us even more curious about the intriguing story. Gianna Jun has been perfectly transformed into Ashin, who discusses her plans to "kill every living thing." Through Park Byung-eun, we also see Min Chi-rok’s upright past self as a connecting link between the special episode and the Kingdom series. Kim Sia plays young Ashin, who begs Min Chi-rok for vengeance. The collaboration of these three actors raises expectations and draws our attention.

The unknown but beautiful scenery of the north and Ashin's focus adds to the delicately packed trailer that creates exciting anticipation.

Kim Seong-hun, who directed and oversaw the production of the Kingdom's first season, has directed Kingdom: Ashin of the North. Kim Eun-hee, who wrote the first two seasons, has also returned to pen an incredible tale for Kingdom: Ashin of the North.



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