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‘Connection’ (2024) Series Review - Finally Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do in One Frame

Connection is a Korean drama about Jang Jae Kyeong who is a talented detective and never fails to catch bad guys. But what will happen to this talented detective who finds himself as a drug user?

Ayasa Mallick - Sun, 02 Jun 2024 21:08:05 +0100 829 Views
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Ji Sung and his dramas never fail to amaze us with the amazing plot line and Ji Sung’s acting skills. I had high expectations from Connection even before it was released, and I was extremely excited to watch it. After streaming the released episodes, I feel like this is going to be my favorite crime and thriller drama.

The storyline is not becoming tiring, instead, it keeps getting better in every episode. The twists and turns, especially the way the episodes are getting over with cliffhangers, all these things are making it harder for me to wait for the next episodes. As of now, Connection is surely getting on the good page of my side.

I am not biased, but it is also a fact that Ji Sung always gives the best dramas, and the plots of his dramas are worth watching. Connection is a drama that deserves a lot of praise and recognition. Even though it is not getting the hype it deserves as a crime drama, it is surely giving justice to its genre and sticking to it.

Connection depicts the story of the main lead named Jang Jae Kyeong portrayed by Ji Sung. Jang Jae Kyeong is a very talented detective who never fails to catch the bad guys, especially the ones who are the consumers of drugs.

Despite being a great detective, he finds himself in trouble when he learns that has used drugs, but how and when all this happened, he has no idea. Soon, Jang Jae Kyeong learns that his best friend is dead and things are connected to him. While investigating the whole case, Jang Jae Kyeong gets involved with a cunning, and talented reporter Oh Yoon Jin.

Jang Jae Kyeong and Oh Yoon Jin join hands to find the truth and bring it to the light. They try everything to find out what exactly happened with Park Joon Seo. I feel the only demerit of watching this drama is waiting for the next episodes. I hope the drama won't get ruined in the last episode and the writer keeps the same interesting plot till the end without pulling any stunt that can ruin the whole drama.

Moreover, the chemistry between the main leads is off the charts, even though the drama is not a romantic one, their chemistry is so good for a crime drama. The way they are partnering with each other and trying to solve the case is definitely what makes me stay seated till the end of the drama. I am totally in love with the bond of Jae Kyung and Yoon Jin even though there is no love line in the story. If you are a Korean drama freak and love to watch crime thrillers then Connection is the perfect drama for you.

Final Score- [8/10]
Reviewed by - Ayasa Mallick
Publisher at Midgard Times



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