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‘Dali & Cocky Prince’ (Dalriwa Gamjatang) Netflix Series Review - A Charming Korean Series

The series is about a romance between an uneducated guy, and the daughter of an esteemed family who has to step up to save their museum and future

Riya Singh - Wed, 20 Jul 2022 19:06:06 +0100 6485 Views
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The series opens up with the scene of a fabulous art gallery. The Director of the gallery is looking for Da-li, who is working for three and a half days that too nonstop. It is not that she is poor and has to work hard to earn money. Da-li is rich, and her dedication is because of her interest. This shows her passion for art. Da-li gets so consumed by the work that she even forgets about eating proper meals. Her dad scolds her for the same.

Kim Nak-cheon is Da-li’s father, and also operates his own art gallery in South Korea. Some fraud is running under his nose. He finds out about that and ultimately gets killed.

Then, we are introduced to the male lead Mu-hak, a young man who understands the value of money and the needs of the public. These are the two things a businessman must know to get successful and Mu-hak ticks both the boxes.

Director Koch places huge trust in Da-li and sends her to receive Mr. Jin Hitonari at Amsterdam Airport. Some confusion arises, and she picks up the wrong Mr. Jin. Both are mesmerized after seeing each other. This might be the moment where they feel a strange attraction to each other. However, Kim Da-li finds him to be crazy (because of his peculiar choice of footwear). Mu-hak thinks that the world revolves around money, and he is not wrong in understanding that. He also has a painting of the Korean currency on the wall of his room.

It was impressive to watch how Da-li wasn’t agitated by the tough situation life had put her in. She stood strong and overcame the hurdles. She is innocent and soft but still an independent woman. Mu-hak is obsessed with comparing everything to Gamjatang. Even if he purchases a flight ticket, first, he would compare it to how many plates of Gamjatang would have been bought in that same amount. He is obsessed with money. Da-li, on the other hand, belongs to a rich family and is calm. She has poise in her character, and I love her elegant dresses.

Both the characters are realistic, and there’s no fakeness in them. Good character development has to be given its due credit. The supporting actors often have an important role in Korean dramas, but there was no such thing in this series. It was rather a good thing as the lead characters were able to grab more spotlight and attention.

Kim Min-jae played the role of Mu-hak and did justice to the role. He was energetic throughout the series, and the drama part was obviously great. Generally, K-dramas show a male lead character who is perfect in every sense. But, this one took a unique approach, and it was fun to watch Mu-hak.

Park Gyu-young played the role of Dal-li and was really able to pull off the character of an innocent girl with such ease. Da-li and Mu-hak are two opposite people who are not at all alike, but it is pleasing to watch their chemistry. I hope they both pair up in the future as well for some great projects.

The script of this series was simple. Dali & Cocky Prince is a K-drama that doesn’t have any major plot twists. All the small twists and turns can be easily guessed by the audience. The story is not at all complex, and it is rather easy to watch this K drama due to this. The drama makes you feel good and satisfied. There will not be many moments where you’ll feel bored as many comedy scenes have been included. Kim Min-jae pulled off the comedy scenes in a great manner, and his hard work can be clearly seen and it clearly paid off. Dali & Cocky has been shot in various beautiful locations. In my opinion, you should definitely check out this Korean drama.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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