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‘Damaged’ (2024) Movie Review - A Suspenseful Murder Mystery

Chicago investigator Dan Lawson goes to Scotland in order to meet up with Scottish police Det. Boyd. This is due to the revival of a serial murderer whose killings correspond with an unsolved case that Lawson investigated five years ago in Chicago.

Ayasa Mallick - Sun, 14 Apr 2024 21:13:22 +0100 825 Views
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A murder that again happens after 5 years. Two detectives team up to learn the truth behind the murder. I have always been a huge fan of murder mystery movies and series. Suspense and thrillers have been my favorite genres for a long time. I am always interested in movies that involve murder with a very mysterious plot line. “Damaged” didn't fail to grab my attention.

I started this movie with very high expectations, but I won't lie to you. The movie didn't really keep up with my expectations, but it didn't disappoint me. I enjoyed the whole plot. So, basically, the movie is based on a murder case.

Recently, this movie was released, and I was waiting to watch a movie that blew my mind. I guess “Damaged” really helped me blow my mind with its plot. It focuses on a series of serial killings that have made the whole of Scotland drown in fear. The sudden murders that took place in Scotland shocked people.

They start to feel so unsafe around the area, and slowly the fear starts to grow among the people. Dan Lawson is a detective who is originally based in Chicago. When the serial killings start to echo in every corner of Scotland, Dan Lawson gets his hands on this case. He travels to Scotland to find the serial killer and the reason behind his killings.

Lawson joins hands with another detective called Bravo. Both of them start to investigate the case to learn the depth of the whole murder case. At first, I thought the movie would have the same concept, and I could predict the whole story, but it was actually not like that. I was so hooked on it until the end that I stopped thinking about what would happen next. I was not trying to predict; instead, I was enjoying the whole storyline.

I got so excited when the plot took another turn. It was when Lawson learned that the pattern of the serial killings was kind of the same as the one case he was handling five years ago. I was like, “Wow! So what happened to the case he was dealing with five years ago?”. Well, that case was unsolved, and I thought that the serial killer was back to kill people again.

If you are wondering whether my guess was right or not, then you should watch the movie. It gave me a 90s and 2000s movie vibe. It was the perfect crime thriller movie for my weekend. I didn't regret watching such an interesting movie with an amazing plot. I can say that you will enjoy the movie.

Maybe the ending will not be that satisfying, but as a movie, it was worth it. The storyline, the direction, and the star cast have done their jobs perfectly, and you won't get confused with the plot. Sometimes, some movies are confusing, especially when they're suspenseful or thrillers, but this one was very clear to me.

Final Score- [6/10]
Reviewed by - Ayasa Mallick
Publisher at Midgard Times



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