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‘Diary of a Prosecutor’ Netflix Series Review - A Hidden Gem that Should be Watched by All K-Drama Lovers!

The series follows a hotshot prosecutor, who threatens to shake up the humdrum routines of her overworked new colleagues when she’s transferred to a provincial town

Poornima Balsu - Tue, 31 Jan 2023 15:31:10 +0000 14350 Views
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Diary of a Prosecutor is a Korean drama released in 2019 and available on Netflix. The series caters to emotional themes but also delivers genres like crime, comedy, and drama. Diary of a Prosecutor has 16 episodes, each with a run time of 1 hour to 1 hour and 13 minutes. Lee Sun Kyun, Jung Ryeon Won, Lee Sung Jae, Lee Sang Hee, and Kim Kwang Gyu are in the main roles with many others in the supporting roles.

Diary of a Prosecutor tells the lives of hardworking and overworked prosecutors. Their daily life includes lots of struggles and hurdles. The drama brings out the real and raw lives of lawyers and takes a unique step forward from other dramas that glorify this job. Lee Sung Woo is a hardworking lawyer who is fearless and handles cases with ease. On a sudden day his junior from college, Cha Myung Joo gets transferred to the same office leading to interesting events. The group of prosecutors works towards their dreams by solving cases giving us plenty of comedy elements as well as dramatic events. Dairy of a Prosecutor is a very realistic piece of work that can be loved from the start to the end.

The drama is set in Jinyoung (a fictional place), Seoul. It does not deliver the story of a single lawyer. The series has brought together a group of characters working in the law, their daily realities, workload, and also the difficulties they face. This drama can be enjoyed from every angle. The style of narration that the makers have executed is perfect. Each episode of the drama puts across the human side of lawyers. Comedy has been used in the best possible way despite all the chaos the characters are facing. Among the peaceful drama that is happening in the series, comedy blends in easily making the drama a must-watch. The complexity in the characters’ lives was beautifully balanced by the comedy elements.

Each character was given equal importance. All the main characters have a backstory which sort of makes the audience get a reason for why they act the way they act. Also, the chemistry between each character is another element that elevates the watching experience. The story might come across as heavy because of the concepts it puts across but in reality, it is the complete opposite. It is an easy drama, with a feel-good vibe throughout.

The makers have given equal importance to the characters making them come across as a team. The drama shows how they fight their inner demons, better themselves each day, fight against all odds, and try to provide justice in the best way possible with each coming day. The character development in the drama is shown by giving the character personal growth. Each of them grows into a better human in all ways which contributes to both their professional and personal lives. The overall character developments each of the characters get in this drama is amazing.

Even though the drama might come across as slow-paced, it surely will engross you with interesting characters and concepts. From government corruption to how powerful people can have an influence on normal people’s lives- the drama touches on topics like these making it a proper legal drama.

One of the beautiful things in this series is that nothing is put across as perfect. K- dramas are famous for having prim and proper main characters who do everything perfectly and set a standard that is impossible for a real human to keep. Diary of a Prosecutor does not follow these steps. The drama is more on the practical side than on the high standards that usually K-dramas set.

Diary of a Prosecutor in short is a hidden gem. Even though it might not sell itself as a thoroughly enjoyable drama, it does rightfully belong to the category of must-watch dramas. The story surprises us at different points, the characters constantly remind us of normal lives and struggles and how everything might look rosy but how reality might hold something different. Certainly, give this drama a try because this drama has the charm to hold you tight throughout.

Final Score – [9/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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