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Extraction (2020) Movie Review: Action Packed with lot of Goof-ups and No Plot

In recent times, Extraction is the only movie to be released with some big names in the starcast. The Netflix original Extraction sees Tyler Rake..

Bradley - Mon, 27 Apr 2020 21:45:08 +0100 1784 Views
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Warning: Contains Spoilers

In recent times, Extraction is the only movie to be released with some big names in the staircase. The Netflix original Extraction sees Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a black market mercenary, embark on the most deadly extraction of his career when he took the contract to rescue a kid Ovi Mahajan (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) of an imprisoned Indian drug lord Ovi Mahajan Sr.(Pankaj Tripathi). The movie starts with Ovi returning from school with Saju (Randeep Hooda) and the next thing we hear is his kidnapping. Chris Hemsworth enters the movie with a bang from jumping of a clip into the river holding a beer. Now, let's jump to the analysis of the movie from the point where the action starts:


The movie is set in a dystopian Bangladesh which is ruled by a drug lord/crimelord Amir Asif instead of a Federal Government. The Bangladeshi Army, the Air Force, the Navy and the police on the street everyone seems to be reporting to one drug lord. Tyler Rake enters the country and straight uplands in the place where the kidnappers were holding up the kid,(here you will see the iconic dialogue "proman dao") This is where the non-stop violence starts as Tyler takes the custody of the kid. The movie goes up on a roll from here onwards with well-coordinated action sequences and stunts, from gunfighting to the blowing up of cars and trucks. The directors must be given credit for the great job they did with the stunts and fight scenes especially the one between Saju and Tyler in the middle of the street.


There is nothing to discuss here about the plot of the movie as it can be expressed in one line "the extraction of a kid". There is no backstory to any of the characters so while watching the movie I didn't felt any love or hate for any of the characters. In the Introduction of the movie, Nik (Golshifteh Farahani) told Tyler that there is a big rivalry between the two druglords of these countries but it was never explained what this rivalry was all about and neither why the kid was kidnapped instead of being killed? if it was not for ransom. The Kid was chased the whole movie to be killed so why didn't the kidnappers killed him in the first place?


Apart from major plot holes or little plots in a big hole, there are some major goof-ups like the kid who was kidnapped from Mumbai(India) and was held up in Dhaka(Bangladesh) which is around 3000 KMs away. So the real question is, how the hell the kidnappers took the kid as a hostage and traveled so far so quickly? did they take an international flight with a kidnapped kid who is also the son of the biggest drug lord in India? or they took a car, in that case, it would take more than 4 days to reach if without any hurdles. I just can't stop thinking if the kidnappers teleported or the druglord from Bangladesh also owns the whole airport authority of India. Anyway, let's move to the second goof-up, While fighting with the black commandos Tylers enter into a building and while trying to get away from them he opens every door to make a way and every door he opens, there is a Bollywood song (Hindi) playing inside them and each time a different Hindi song and that also from 90s era which is very strange to hear in Dhaka as generally, people there love to listen to Bengali songs.


The cast of the movie is fantastic, Chris Hemsworth really turns out to be an action-packed figure, Randeep Hooda hardly gets any chance to show his talent except some fighting and firing scenes. Rudhraksh Jaiswal's character got some exposure and he shows his talent quite impressively and turns out to be very calm and mature in his role. Pankaj Tripathi's character screen timing in the movie is the same as in the trailer. Few dialogues for Golshifteh Farahani and even lesser for the main villain of the movie Priyanshu Painyuli.


I saw most of the people over the internet were comparing it with John Wick but the only thing common between them is both movies are driven by one main character and perhaps Chris Hemsworth is the only factor that is preventing the movie from becoming a low-grade 2-3 stars action movie.


In the end, this movie is not as good as the hype but it is also not boring if u just watch it, I am more of a thinking person so after figuring out the plot holes I straightway slashed 5 stars. But even with all the shortcomings, I will still recommend you to watch this movie as I am not regretting after watching it. It's entertaining and will keep you occupied till it plays, you will feel more like watching a 3rd person action/shooter video game where the character talks less and kills more.

Final Score: [5/10]


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