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‘Fubar’ Season 2 Will Begin Filming this Spring at Netflix

Created by Nick Santora, the second season will Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role as a father and a spy who has to protect his family after his cover is blown

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The second season of the hit Netflix series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro officially entered pre-production last Monday. Now, the complete filming schedule for the second season of Fubar has also been revealed.

‘Fubar’ Season 2 will begin filming on April 29, 2024, in Toronto, Canada, and will take four months to officially wrap up on August 28, 2024. Philip Abraham, who directed two episodes in the first season including the pilot will also return as a director in the second season to again direct a couple of episodes. The first season was also filmed in Toronto.

The first season was released in May 2023 and after an impressive performance, it got renewed for Season 2 a month later in June 2023. At the time of renewal, series creator Nick Santora teased the second season. As per Santora, the Brunner family will have a million things to deal with in the second season. We’re going to go in knowing there might be a rat in the kitchen. And what are they going to do about that? By the end of the first season's finale, Luke and all his fellow agents’ identities including his daughter Emma’s have already been exposed. They’re in deep dog doo-doo, for sure. They’re in trouble.

In the final episode of Fubar Season 1, when Barry learns Tina is set to be recalled by the NSA, he asks for numerous favors within the agency to keep her around. On the day of Tally and Donnie's wedding, Emma advises Luke to be truthful with her mother. He tells her about his life as a CIA operative, hands her his National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, and asks if she wants to cancel the wedding and flee away with him. Boro then invades the ceremony, and after being rescued by his men, he uses all of the information he has on the Brunners to find their location, then kidnaps Tally and orders Luke and Emma to kill each other. When Tally stabs Boro with Luke's medal, she breaks free from his hold, and Luke and Emma murder him. When the Brunners learn that their names have been exposed by a mole, they band together and flee with Tally, Donnie, and Carter, knowing that many former enemies would be after them.

The first season has a 51% approval score with an average rating of 5.4/10, based on 57 critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. We also reviewed the show and as per our critic, "The series allows us to have a love-hate relationship with its characters. It understands that not everyone is perfect and not everyone has to be always likable. The writers display a good sense of humor. This is an entertaining mixture of silliness, sexiness, and spy shenanigans." Read the complete Fubar Season 1 Review.

In this action-comedy spy series, Schwarzenegger plays Luke Brunner, a senior CIA operative nearing retirement. But his plans to celebrate his golden years are put on hold when he is called up for one more covert mission: saving another spy who happens to be his daughter. When they discover they've both been secretly working as CIA operatives for years, they realize their entire relationship has been a lie and they don't even know each other.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also serves as an executive producer on the upcoming action-comedy spy series FUBAR, which was created by Nick Santora. The series also stars Milan Carter, comedian Fortune Feimster, and Travis Van Winkle, who are part of Luke’s team of experienced agents, while Fabiana Udenio plays Luke’s ex-wife. The series also features Jay Baruchel, Andy Buckley, Aparna Brielle, Barbara Eve Harris, and Gabriel Luna.



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