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HBO’s ‘Warrior’ Season 3 Episode 4 Review - Hop Wei Finished? Not Just Yet

The fourth episode is set in the aftermath of the tragic loss of land and resources by Nellie Devenport as Ah Toy takes a tough decision

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Warning: Contains Spoilers

After the devastating ending of the third episode which saw Nellie Davenport's farmhouse turn into ashes, the fourth episode shatters her dream as she seems to have underestimated the power Douglas Strickland holds in the courthouses. Even, Ah Toy has left Davenport making her completely alone at the worst time of her life. 

‘Warrior’ Season 3 Episode 4 brings out a halt on the journey of Nellie Devenport for now, but it is far from being over. Previous episodes already hinted at it, but this episode established Douglas Strickland as the new big bad villain, who is trying to attain power in almost every sector starting with the railroad he is constructing that will pass through the Devenport's farmhouse.

The main highlights of the episode were the police and secret service raid on Hop Wei territory and the beginning of the romance between Ah Sahm and Yan Mi. But before we go further into them, let me go back to the third episode when Ah Sahm met her sister Mai Ling as the scene between them hints that there is something bigger cooking this season.

The fourth episode titled, "In Chinatown, No One Thinks About Forever" didn't lack action, and neither does the story as it moves forward in such a way that there is a possibility that we might see the Hop Wei and the Long Zii fighting together instead of against each other. What impressed me the most were not only the action scenes but also the series of possibilities that it created, which hints that story can be expanded much further.

Meanwhile, Hong has found a new love partner, but it will be interesting to see how long that lasts as the Hop Wei are in all sorts of trouble after the raid, which was meant to capture the counterfeit cash printing machine. The police didn't find any printer or evidence of running any such operations at their HQ, but the new police chief Atwood beat the shit out of Young Jun making him completely lifeless, and ultimately arresting him. Whatever the case may be, Buckley's new appointment is not leaving any Chinese living in Chinatown without any harm.

However, the reason the police didn't find any printer at the HQ as Ah Sahm already took it out with the help of Yan Mi. But the trouble followed them and they were caught by a few policemen outside the HQ. Ah Sahm was able to neutralize them, but he may have landed Yan Mi in some police trouble along with himself. However, this incident sparks the romance between Ah Sahm and Yan Mi, but will they be able to save themselves?

Ah Sahm and Young Jun are not the only ones who are dealt with heavy hands by the police, but Mai Ling who was doing the political maneuvering for Buckley also landed herself in a police trouble she would have never expected. At the end of the episode, both the leaders of the opposite Tongs are in Jail, Strickland has found a new opportunity in Leary, Buckley still playing a dangerous game with Atwood as police chief, and finally, Mosley and Lee, have found evidence and witnesses who might bring them directly to what they are looking for.

The episode is no less than the previous episodes of this season. With new relationships and changing power dynamics, episode 3 brings out a freshness meant to broaden the story. The only disappointment I have is the absence of Penelope Blake played by Joanna Vanderham. Her story arc was one of the best in the first two seasons and I was expecting a lot more from her character after the ending of Season 2.

Final Score- [8/10]



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