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HBO’s ‘Warrior’ Season 3 Episode 6 Review - No Deal Without Compromise

The sixth episode follows Chao and Lee who team up to face serious trouble as Ah Sahm and Hop Wei try to close a tense deal

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The fifth episode left with the fate of Chao and Lee hanging in the balance after Jack knocked both of them out. However, the real question was whether Young Jun will obey the deal Ah Sahm made with Mai Ling or not. The sixth episode begins with this new deal in the focus.

At the beginning of the sixth episode, Ah Sahm arranges a meeting between Young Jun and Mai Ling to sort out the details of this deal. As part of the deal, Mai Ling gives the Hop Wei a new safe space to print the fake currency and in return, she will be keeping 50% of it. The meeting goes smoothly without any murders as Mai Ling shakes hands with Young Jun and asks him to keep an eye on Ah Sahm. Meanwhile, Chao and Lee find themselves locked up in chains on a moving train, which seems to be heading toward the place where Lee is wanted.

Unlike the last episode, this one focuses on multiple things, but it is able to keep the flow and the engagement on the parallel storylines. Ah Sahm and Young Jun along with Father Jun try to brainstorm how to use and spend the fake currency amidst the heat in Chinatown. Ah Sahm suggests of the Germans traders living outside the town who have mining businesses, to be a better option as the three agree to journey in the desert to work out a new deal. But does anything goes out smoothly for Ah Sahm? Sooner or later it all goes to crap, it's just a matter of time.

The Hop Wei were able to make a deal with the Germans by selling them the fake currencies for one-fourth of the price and in return they would get Silver blocks. Everything seems to be fine regarding this deal until Ah Sahm finds a Chinese boy dead and tied to a pole in the Germans territory, who happens to be the same boy whom Ah Sahm earlier tried to save but Young Jun stopped him for the sake of the deal. However, this time there is no stopping Ah Sahm to destroy the Germans and their territory while also fuck*ng up the deal.

Meanwhile, Chao and Lee reached their destination and received an unpleasant welcome from Lee's family. It turns out Lee was running after killing his own cousins and his family was after him. However, in the end, it does end well for Lee but not for his family, who are no more, even though Lee wanted to save at least one of his cousins.

The episode titled, "A Soft Heart Won't Do You No Favors" has a good amount of action along with some brilliant gun-fighting scenes. However, it does have some cringe moments including some conversations between Lee with his family and the way Father Jun hid his gunshot injury till the end of the episode.

The episode also gives a fresh look into the new partnership between Leary and Strickland, who has taken Leary to a party to get a glimpse of the political world and the kind of people he will dealing with moving forward. Although except few moments, there isn't much revealed about what Strickland is trying to achieve.

To be honest, this episode felt like a closed chapter that doesn't tease anything for the future. Hop Wei's deal with the Germans that began this episode, fell apart just before the end. Lee and Chao also got out of trouble for good especially Lee, who at least doesn't have to fear for his life from his family anymore. Although, by law, Lee is still wanted for murder.

At the end of the episode, Father Jun is gun-shot injured as Ah Sahm and Young Jun get him and head towards Chinatown. I am not sure what's next for Hop Wei as they have to find a new partner again who can spend their fake currencies. We still don't know what happened to secret service agent Moseley at the end of the last episode, but let's hope we get the answer in the seventh episode with the return of Lee and Chao in Chinatown.

Final Score - [7.5/10]



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