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‘Kamla’ Netflix Movie Review - Heart Breaks and Regrets

A career-oriented therapist forms a relationship with one of her clients, a sex worker, as they both deal with personal traumas and society’s rigid expectations.

Riya Singh - Thu, 22 Feb 2024 18:01:51 +0000 1967 Views
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The film has a very limited plot and is a mix of teenage feelings and orthodox surroundings. Despite being a psychiatrist, Kamla isn’t allowed to have her personal space. Her aunt likes to step in a lot and disrupt any peace that’s left in Kamla’s life.

This movie starts with Kamla dealing with her patients during their sessions. She is a good listener and from what we can see, she is a reputed and established psychiatrist. The woman lives alone with her old and ill father. He too was a reputed man however sadly he has no recollections of both his memories and his daughter.

It takes almost half an hour for the movie to establish its plot. Initially, it was very confusing as I couldn’t understand the theme and main idea behind this film. A weird man was coming into Kamla’s clinic and telling her that he gets attracted when women wear tight-fitted jeans and he can’t control himself. This only means that he used to force himself on them.

This particular scene, which was seen two times was very confusing. Isn’t a doctor supposed to report crimes if it comes to their notice? Just like the confused theme of the film, it leaves the audience asking themselves why they chose to watch this film.

In the middle of the film, it is as if Kamla is an adult dealing with teenage issues. I mean who cries over boys at the age of forty? Whatever the reason, she was shown as a very timid bird trying to escape a cage.

She comes across a very charming man, Yousif who ultimately breaks her heart. The audience wouldn’t be able to believe it because their love and chemistry seemed so good. The reason why they broke up comes as a surprise.

There were certain scenes depicting how Kamla still saw her client’s shadow after she committed suicide. Instead of running here and there, alternating between various themes, the writers could have easily switched to a horror theme. This choice at least would have made the film worth a watch.

This 90-minute film was a waste of time. They tried to show so many things but forgot the main thing Kamla was a psychiatrist with education and money to change her fate. It’s unclear to me why she is so timid.

The actors have tried their best to deliver a good performance still, I’m not impressed. The film falls flat on its face in every department be it the costume plot narration or editing. It looked like a rough draft of the film which required a lot of requirements.

For those looking for something light to watch, there are better titles available and you don’t need to get yourself mixed into a film that doesn’t know where it is heading.

Final Score – [2/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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