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‘Kerala Crime Files’ Hotstar Series Review - Don’t Indulge in Prodigality

The series follows a mysterious death of a sex worker in a suburban lodge room which stumps the police as the only lead they have is a fake address.

Riya Singh - Sat, 24 Jun 2023 14:09:06 +0100 2408 Views
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Kerala Crime Files start with Sharath, a man who works at the lodge noticing that the hotel water tank is empty. After checking all the rooms, he realizes that water is leaking from one room. When he sees through the window, a woman is lying dead under the shower. A police complaint is filed by him and the officers come on the scene. The investigation starts, and it is revealed that the woman is a sex worker. One of the Police Officers can also be heard saying that he is thankful that it is a case involving a sex worker as they won’t get any political pressure. They also say that the case is too easy. Well, if it was that easy then why weren’t they able to find the killer for five days? This line also didn’t go well with me because even if she was a sex worker, the amount of dedication should be the same.

Swapna (the dead sex worker) was with Shiju on the day she was killed. Everything points towards this man. He didn’t leave any traces and was smart enough to leave fake addresses everywhere he went. There is also confusion about identifying him because no one remembers what exactly he looked like. The officers also arrested the wrong Shiju once. All we know is that this man killed the sex worker and has to be traced. At the end of the first episode, it is shown that Shiju was with Lathika and tortured her. This raised suspicions about this man being a serial killer and specifically targeting sex workers.

This subplot could have been a great angle to explore, but the makers rather chose to stick to a straight line. There is no chaos and suspense as we already know who the killer is. The series can also be aptly titled Finding Shiju.

I waited till the last episode that an interesting twist would be lying hidden, but what will the audience get? There’s nothing worth watching in this series instead, spare yourselves and watch something good. In Kerala Crime Files, the makers keep you under a delusion that now they are going to reveal something big. There are a total of six episodes and till the fifth episode, they just know the name of the killer. Yes, we can applaud the Police that they solved the crime in just six days. As it took six days, six episodes record everything that happened. This series is only 10 percent crime and 90 percent about the police officers and their personal lives. I think that a better title for the series would be Our Police Officers.

The series is boring, and there is hardly anything good to watch. Revolving around the personal lives of these officers, at one point the show gets irritating. If we do the math, there are six episodes which are thirty minutes long each. This is three hours and dedicating this amount of time to such a tiresome series is a total waste. There are better crime series on the same or even other OTT platforms. I regret the amount of time I put into this show.

Final Score – [3/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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