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‘King the Land’ Netflix Series Review - Not this Again!

The series follows a charming heir, who faces his hardworking staff, known for her irresistible smile during a stressful inheritance fight.

Riya Singh - Thu, 13 Jul 2023 22:55:07 +0100 2166 Views
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King the Land starts with Cheon Sa-rang giving the interview at the King Hotel for the position of trainee. She can impress the interviewees by playing an imaginary piano. She is a hardworking woman and is dedicated to her job. The male lead Goo Won is the son of the owner of the King Hotel. He was asked by his father to work from the bottom up so that he can learn useful things. The boy gets fired on his first day and proves to be a disappointment to his father. Goo Won’s sister wants the inheritance and thus she tried her best to portray him in the wrong manner. This boy has had a troubled childhood, we can see the same in the second episode where the clips of his childhood are played. He might have grown physically, but he still yearns for his mother.

One day at the gym when Cheon Sa-rang was cleaning butt sweats from the gym equipment, a misunderstanding is created. A man sends her tip and the room to his keys. Goo Won wore the same tiger shirt as that pervert. This was their first meeting and she threw him off the treadmill. In this exact scene, we know that romance is going to brew up soon. After this, the boy leaves for the UK and we are seen how they both spend the following years until Goo Won decides to come back.

If the plot has to be summarised, it is about a young billionaire falling in love with his employee. At the same time, he is facing many troubles like the memories of his childhood tend to come back often leaving him anxious. It might happen that the girl will help him get away from all this and towards a better future. There is a fight for the inheritance which we know that he will win.

With series like The Glory, Korean shows have ruled the charts of Netflix. King the Land serves as a disappointment for every K-drama fan. I was liking King the Land until I noticed that this series is based on the same old billionaire boyfriend plot. We have seen so many Korean series now which work on the same plot. While some excel and others don't, I think that King the Land comes in the second category. There is nothing unique, with those same family rivalries and fighting for the inheritance, the plot is stale in this show.

The series had a promising start, but things began becoming dull so soon. The series fails to hold the charm of the billionaire boyfriend trope. Also, I wasn’t impressed by the performance of the actors. With such a good beginning, they had a lot of potential but it was wasted upon the writers who decided not to show anything apart from the set path. Strong Girl Bong-soon has been at the top of this genre for me till now and there is no scope for competition. There are many good Korean shows on the same streaming platform, and you might reconsider your options before the realization hits you.

Final Score – [4/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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