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Korean Sci-Fi Comedy Series ‘Glitch’ Gets Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

The series follows a young woman, who teams up with a UFO enthusiast to investigate her boyfriend’s mysterious disappearance and becomes entangled in a weird conspiracy

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Netflix has revealed a new trailer for the Korean-language sci-fi series, ‘Glitch.’ The sci-fi and comedy, ‘Glitch’ will release on October 7 on Netflix, worldwide.

Glitch tells the story of Hong Jihyo, who attempts to track down her missing boyfriend with the help of members of a UFO club. In the process, she comes face to face with a mysterious secret.

The series is directed by Roh Deok, known for her genre-crossing agility. Her versatile skills in each genre will be put to the test in this story about Jihyo and a UFO club chasing after unknown beings.

Jeon Yeo-been plays the lead role of Hong Jihyo. Her commanding presence and compelling acting bring to life the character Hong Jihyo. In her quest to find her boyfriend, she and the UFO club come face to face with unknown beings and the mysterious secret they harbor.

Glitch is gaining much attention as writer Gin Han-sai's next project, whose debut Netflix series Extracurricular shocked audiences around the world. Now in Glitch, he unravels an intriguing and intense story about members of a UFO club who pursue those who have disappeared in a mysterious beam of light. Their special quest, which seems preposterous to society at large, is told within the framework of a suspenseful comic thriller. 

Glitch is produced by Yoon Shin-ae’s Studio 329. This much-anticipated and exciting new collaboration among Gin, director Roh Deok, and actor Jeon Yeo-been with production by Studio 329, will be released only on Netflix on October 7, 2022.



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