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‘Love and Leashes’ Netflix Movie Review – Steamy Office Romance You Shouldn’t Miss

With a similar tone as Fifty Shades of Grey but the roles being reversed, ‘Love and Leashes’ blurs the line between pain and pleasure while being funny

Aalaya Sonti - Fri, 11 Feb 2022 19:25:09 +0000 6839 Views
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With Valentine's day around the corner, a new romantic film has been released yet again. Do you want to watch this film for your sit-at-home date or on the flip side, skip it?

This Korean film, Love and Leashes, is very similar to Fifty Shades of Grey with the characters reversed. In a romantic movie, especially one driven by sexual desires, the male character becomes a sub was interesting to watch and isn't something I have never experienced before.

The story is adapted from the Naver webcomic Moral Sense by Gyeowool. The movie has a perfect blend of romance and comedy making it a pleasure to watch. It tells the story of a budding romance between office co-workers Jung Jihoo and Jung Jiwoo.

Audiences enjoy the story regardless of how predictable it is. It's great how it reverses the characters and breaks several stereotypes on BDSM. By using a female protagonist being dominant or the 'Master', the movie gains a feminist perspective. It also portrays activities being consensual by both the parties and the experience being enjoyable for both.

The actors (Joon-Young Lee and Seohyun) have great chemistry together. As the romance builds and they uncover mysteries about each other, the story becomes increasingly romantic and captivating. Characters hit it off from the very beginning, and their dynamic gets better as the story progresses.

Their curiosity about BDSM and their interest in it is understandable. Furthermore, it gives the audience more insight into the consequences of those, who are open about it. As the actress grows into a master, it's both interesting and steamy to watch.

The screenplay and editing of the film are both excellent. Several unsubtle clues and foreshadowings keep the audience guessing, making the story very predictable. Nevertheless, the scenes are set perfectly. Their romance is what one root for. It also has a feminist element.

There is a romanticization of pain and a blurring line between pain and pleasure. Despite being predictable, the film manages to capture romance being cute and on the flip side being hot.

A few scenes, in my opinion, are skippable. For those who aren't fans of this, a few scenes can be a difficult and painful (quite literary!) watch. For instance, scenes where she is stepping on him and several others. The romance also occasionally falls flat. The movie is a steamy romantic film to watch with your sweetheart, only if that is your thing.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by – Aalaya Sonti
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