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Marvel’s What If...? Episode 2 Pays A Special Tribute to Chadwick Boseman

The latest episode was the last appearance of Chadwick Boseman as a Marvel Character and even after becoming Star-Lord in this universe, T’Challa was no less than the Black Panther

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The second episode of Marvel's What If…? was very significant due to the appearances of some iconic characters and a special tribute. The episode premise was set on Chadwick Boseman's character T’Challa who becomes Star-Lord in this reality.

Having seen Chris Pratt as Peter Quill's Star-Lord, who is funny, brave, and kind of stupid at the same time, It was a different kind of experience seeing Boseman playing the same character as T’Challa. This Star-Lord was more like Black Panther than himself. Boseman was using the same tone as he did during the Black Panther, he seems to be much more smart and kind to help the others. In this universe, instead of picking up Peter Quill from the Earth, Yondu picks up T’Challa making him the Star-Lord.

The episode has a surprise in Thanos, who was again voiced by Josh Brolin. In this universe, Star-Lord was somehow able to persuade him to see the light and take a different path. The Mad Titan is now one of the good guys as he transformed into a Ravager joining T’Challa and Yondu to help the galaxy. Thanos is ashamed of himself since his fellow ravagers still mock him for his genocidal plans of wiping out half of the universe by snapping his fingers.

We also see Nebula, Drax, The Collector, and Peter Quill in this episode. Nebula doesn't seem to be Cyborg as she looks more like Gamora (there is no Gamora in this universe), she is a good friend with the Ravagers and Star-Lord. 

And finally, during the end credits, the episode pays a special tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman. A text appears on the screen which says, "DEDICATED TO OUR FRIEND, OUR INSPIRATION, AND OUR HERO, CHADWICK BOSEMAN."



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