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Meet the Robots from a Distant Future in Anime Series ‘Eden’ Latest Trailer at Netflix

A human girl secretly raised by robots starts to uncover the dark secrets behind the lush, utopian world where humanity has all but vanished, coming May 27

Bradley - Wed, 12 May 2021 08:34:51 +0100 2554 Views
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Netflix has revealed the first full-length trailer for its upcoming anime series ‘Eden.’ Set in a distant future, barren of humans, the anime series will arrive on Netflix on May 27.

Edens is set in a distant future city known as "EDEN", which is barren of humans for thousands of years. Robots have been the only form of existence since. A human baby girl, Sara, awakes from stasis, questioning all they were taught to believe. No longer an ancient myth, two robots E92 and A37 become her surrogate parents, raising her in a safe haven outside EDEN. Who is Sara, and if humans have not existed for a long time, where and why did she appear?

The official logline of the series says, "Thousands of years in the future, a city known as “Eden” is inhabited solely by Artificially Intelligent robots whose former masters vanished long ago. On a routine assignment, within the depths of the city, two maintenance robots accidentally awaken a human baby girl from stasis questioning all they were taught to believe-- that humans were nothing more than a forbidden ancient myth. Together, the two robots secretly raise the child in a safe haven outside Eden."

"EDEN" is Directed by Yasuhiro Irie (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Produced by Justin Leach with Character design: Toshihiro Kawamoto, Concept design: Christophe Ferreira, Screenplay: Kimiko Ueno, Background art director: Clover Xie, Music: Kevin Penkin, Animation Production: CGCG.



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