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‘Moving’ Disney+ Series Review - Perfect Blend of Everything

Children who live in hiding with superpowers, along with their parents dealing with traumatic past secrets, confront huge dangers together.

Riya Singh - Wed, 20 Sep 2023 19:41:37 +0100 1848 Views
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The last three episodes were mainly about the gifted parents fighting for the security of their kids and themselves. In the eighteenth episode, it is finally revealed that the North was after the South Korean gifted people. Just as South Korea had a group of gifted people, North quickly developed its own too. This was all due to Kim Doo-shik.

When he attacked North Korea, he gave the idea to the country to have its own superpowered army. If he had not spared that soldier, things wouldn’t have ended the way they did. All the gifted people became vulnerable just because of his good heart. Had he not performed that act of kindness, things would have been good for everyone.

Before he spared him, his own family and those of others were not safe. So, it is not right to put the complete blame him. The chief of the NIS wanted to use these people as his tool, and he didn’t care whether they had families or not. It was disheartening to see how they were being used without respecting that they had their own families too. If these people would go into hiding, they would be sniffed out. The Chief was also planning to do the same to the next generation.

Lee Jae-man’s son Lee Gang-hoon exposed himself when he was very young. He attacked the soldiers who came to get his father. This is how NIS became aware that the powers were transmitted to the kids too.

At several moments, I felt sorry for the North Korean people who were forced into battle. There’s a scene in which the in charge (of creating this superhuman team) was seen forcing people to jump off of a cliff to awaken their super abilities. If ten people were forced to jump off the cliff at gunpoint, only one or two would survive. Those who survived were then forced to join the Elite Forces if they wanted their family members safe. Apart from their family, there was another fear of being declared a traitor.

This shows us the lengths to which rival countries are ready to go so that they can give an equal fight. There’s one line said during these final episodes and it's about how those who’re fighting aren’t wrong; those who force these people in the battle are the ones to blame.

The last two episodes are about the superhumans from North and South Korea fighting against each other.  Both sides had different motives. The audience gets to see great action scenes in this two-episode-long fight. I was amazed by these action scenes and wish to see similar ones in the future as well.

At one point it did feel like the fight was an over-extension, but the makers played a very smart move here. As soon as we got bored of one character, another one would come and participate in this superhuman fight. When I saw one after another powerful character entering the scene, it made me wonder what that character would be able to contribute.

I’m impressed with Lee Jae-man’s character. Though he may be intellectually retarded, the dedication he has toward his son is beyond words. It is his entry into the fight that changed the outcome for South Korea in the show. Before him, our characters were on the losing side.

I just wished that Kim Doo-shik would also have appeared in the fight so that we could have seen his smooth flying and shooting skills. The man’s powers were abused by the Intelligence Agency and what he did was the befitting end for the in charge of the National Security.

I was very happy when it was hinted that Kim Doo-shik might be alive. Out of all the love stories shown, his and his wife’s is my favorite. This was a workplace love story that was bound to have a happy ending despite all the hurdles set by the others. The way Mi-hyun looks for Kim Doo-shik in the sky after he goes missing touches your heart in places that I didn’t know excited. Even during the final fight, in a scene, she can be seen searching for her husband in the sky.

As Kim Bong-seok inherited both his parents' powers i.e., heightened senses and the ability to fly, I wondered if Bong-seok and Jang Hui-soo got married in the future and had kids, then they would be very special kids.

The effects in the final moments make this a perfect ending. With all the cherry blossoms and happy tunes, I don’t think that the characters of Moving could have been better with something different. They’re all settled and now are a happy family. They don’t have to shift places often and can live a stable life.

The last scene wins the hearts of the audience. I don't think that I have watched an ending better than this one. Moving will always remain one of the best Korean dramas. It covers almost every genre and shows the scenes in the best possible way. The series sets up a benchmark for all the Korean dramas.

It is difficult saying goodbye to Moving as it was a perfect blend of everything including romance, action, and mystery that everyone wishes to watch. If you haven’t seen the series yet, this would be the right time as all the episodes are out.

Final Score – [8.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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