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‘My Adventures with Superman’ Series Review - Mixes Anime With Superhero Action

How does My Adventures with Superman fly? A review with a twist and a title for the new animated series.

Arpita Mondal - Sat, 08 Jul 2023 22:28:17 +0100 2250 Views
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My Adventures with Superman is a new animated series that follows the adventures of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as they start their careers at The Daily Planet and encounter various threats and mysteries in Metropolis. The series is aimed at a young adult audience and features a fresh and modern take on the iconic characters and their relationships.

The first two episodes introduce us to the main characters and their personalities. Clark Kent is a naive but kind-hearted alien who is trying to find his place in the world and his identity as Superman. Lois Lane is a fearless and ambitious journalist who is determined to uncover the truth and expose corruption. Jimmy Olsen is a loyal and enthusiastic photographer who is eager to learn from Lois and befriend Clark.

The plot of the first two episodes revolves around a series of stolen military robots that are being used by a mysterious mercenary named Livewire to cause havoc in the city. Lois, Clark, and Jimmy team up to investigate the case and discover that Livewire is working for Lex Luthor, the ruthless billionaire who owns most of Metropolis.

The animation style of the series is colorful and dynamic, with expressive character designs and fluid action sequences. The voice acting is also well-done, with Jack Quaid as Clark Kent/Superman, Jeannie Tirado as Lois Lane, Kari Wahlgren as Livewire, Zachary Quinto as Lex Luthor, and others.

The series has a lot of potential to explore the themes of identity, friendship, romance, justice, and heroism through the lens of these iconic characters. The first two episodes set up an engaging premise and introduce some intriguing conflicts and mysteries that will hopefully be developed further in the rest of the season.

There are a few things I would like to point out. The animation style may feel like it is an anime, which may not suit the theme of Superman stories. I was also disappointed with the first episode, which did not feel like it was a Superman series. It avoided all the iconic tropes Superman or Clark Kent had, such as his backstory, his powers, his origin, his parents, his struggle adapting to Earth, etc. For example, we don’t see how Clark arrived on Earth or how he was adopted by the Kents.

It also tried to be a funny goofy comedy, which I did not like. It never dove into the characters or their characteristics, making them seem shallow and one-dimensional. The only thing told about the good guys was they have good intentions, and the only characteristic the bad guys had was that they are bad. There was no motivation or depth to the characters. For example, we don’t know why Livewire works for Luthor or what Luthor’s plan is. The animation style was also not so impressive in some scenes, such as when Superman saves a car from an accident or saves Lois from an alien robot. His running animation was as same as Flash’s running, which looked really goofy.

The second episode really surprised me. It had an interesting and engaging plot, with more action and suspense. The dialogues did not feel like they were written by 5-year-olds who have just learned to write. For example, we see some witty banter between Lois and Clark when they interview Superman, which was really clever writing. The characters also showed more personality and emotion, making them more relatable and likable. For example, we see Clark struggle with his identity as an alien and his feelings for Lois. The animation style was also more polished and realistic, with better lighting and shading effects. The shots of Metropolis at night or Superman flying in space made me fall in love with the animation. Overall, the second episode was better than the first one.

This series is clearly targeted at a younger audience who may not be familiar with the classic Superman stories or movies. Therefore, it may not be fair to judge it by the same standards as an adult fan who has grown up with the character and his lore. This series tries to offer a new and modern perspective on Superman and his friends, and it has a lot of potential to be fun, exciting, and inspiring.

The first episode was weak in terms of plot, character development, and animation. It skipped over many important aspects of Superman’s origin and personality, and it made him look less powerful and heroic than he should be. It also tried to be funny but failed to deliver any good jokes or humor.

The second episode was much better in terms of story, dialogue, and animation. It showed more of Superman’s struggles and emotions, and it gave him more challenges and action. It also had some nice interactions between Lois and Clark, and it introduced some interesting villains and mysteries.

I think this series has a lot of potential to improve and grow in future episodes, and I hope that it will fix the flaws that I mentioned. If they do that, this series can be a great way for a kid to get introduced to Superman and his world.

Final Score – [6/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
Follow @ArpitaMond33387 on Twitter
Publisher at Midgard Times



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