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Mystery-Thriller Series, ‘DELETE’ Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

In the series, after discovering a phone that can erase other people’s existence, a couple having an adulterous affair plan a new life together.

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There is going to be another addition to Netflix's mystery drama catalog this week, and this time it's a Thai drama that has been produced with a decent budget. Netflix has already revealed the trailer and premiere date for the Thai-language series, DELETE. The mystery-thriller series, DELETE will release on June 28 on Netflix, worldwide.

Have you ever wished you could erase someone from your life? This power is totally conceivable in the ominous world of DELETE, thanks to a mysterious gadget that has the potential to delete a person from existence. Those who come into contact with this terrible force quickly discover that it brings out their worst instincts.

The series marks the debut of director Parkpoom Wongpoom, who is also the co-writer of DELETE. DELETE's thrilling and remarkable plot concentrates on the darkest aspects of human nature, particularly when complicated relationships are involved. The show explores an intriguing question: if we could genuinely make anybody disappear, would we? Throughout the production of DELETE, which will transcend genres such as action and drama and even include some special-effect spectacles, the director had the opportunity to explore a variety of fresh methods and experiences.

The series follows Aim and Lily, who are having an illicit affair; both are in terrible relationships with their partners. When the 'Delete' phone slips into Lily's hands by chance, Aim and Lily resolve to utilize its supernatural abilities to "erase" their partners and restart their lives together. Only if everything were that easy.

The cast of the series includes Ice-Natara Nopparatayapon as the heir from a wealthy family, Nat Kitcharit playing a famous writer, and Fah-Sarika Sartsilpsupa as a woman trapped in a controlling marriage. The cast also includes aonaay-Jinjett Wattanasin, Charlette Wasita Hermenau, and Hunger co-stars Aokbab-Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying and Peter-Nopachai Jayanama.



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