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Netflix ‘Mulligan’ Season 2 Review - Rebuilding Society with Laughs and Missteps

In Mulligan: Part 2, Mulligan and his cabinet work together to keep what remains of America afloat while dealing with cruise ships, power shortages, and their own stupidity.

Anjali Sharma - Fri, 24 May 2024 19:54:51 +0100 842 Views
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As a fan of animated comedies, I approached "Mulligan Part 2" with a mix of excitement and skepticism. The series, created by Sam Means and Robert Carlock, picks up where the first part left off, thrusting us back into a post-apocalyptic world where humanity struggles to rebuild after an alien invasion. While the show has its bright spots, it also stumbles in several areas.

On the positive side, the voice cast of "Mulligan Part 2" remains top-notch. Nat Faxon voices Matty Mulligan, the everyman-turned-leader, with an endearing mix of bravado and cluelessness. Chrissy Teigen, Tina Fey, Sam Richardson, and Dana Carvey all return, bringing their unique comedic talents to the mix. Teigen’s Lucy Suwan is particularly notable for her determined efforts to make a difference, often through hilariously misguided attempts like organizing a celebrity benefit concert in a barter economy. Her character’s journey is both amusing and somewhat poignant, as she navigates the challenges of leadership and societal expectations.

The humor in "Mulligan Part 2" is often sharp and reflective of the times. The series doesn’t shy away from poking fun at modern political and social issues, using the absurdity of its setting to highlight the absurdity of real-world situations. For instance, Senator Cartwright LaMarr, voiced by Dana Carvey, continues to be a satirical take on political extremism, adding a layer of dark humor that feels timely and relevant.

Moreover, the show's animation is vibrant and engaging, with each episode packed with visual gags and detailed backgrounds that enhance the comedic experience. The character designs are expressive, and the post-apocalyptic world is imaginatively portrayed, making it a visually appealing series.

However, "Mulligan Part 2" isn’t without its flaws. One significant drawback is the uneven character development. While some characters, like Lucy Suwan and Dr. Farrah Braun (voiced by Tina Fey), are given depth and interesting story arcs, others feel one-dimensional. Matty Mulligan himself can be grating at times, his bumbling leadership more frustrating than endearing. This inconsistency makes it difficult to fully invest in the characters and their plights.

The show also struggles with its tonal balance. It aims to be a light-hearted comedy but occasionally veers into darker, more cynical territory that can feel jarring. The juxtaposition of slapstick humor with more serious themes of survival and societal rebuilding sometimes clashes, leading to a disjointed viewing experience. This is particularly evident in episodes that attempt to address complex issues like governance and community building in a post-apocalyptic setting. The result is a series that occasionally feels unsure of its own voice.

Another issue is the pacing. Some episodes drag, with jokes that don’t always land and plotlines that feel stretched thin. The series’ attempt to tackle too many themes at once can lead to episodes that feel cluttered and unfocused. This scattershot approach to storytelling detracts from the overall narrative coherence, making it hard to stay engaged through the entire season.

Despite these flaws, "Mulligan Part 2" does have moments of brilliance. The show’s satire is biting and clever, and when the humor hits, it’s genuinely funny. Episodes that focus on the absurdity of the survivors' attempts to rebuild civilization often provide the best laughs, especially when they parody contemporary societal issues in a post-apocalyptic context. The recurring gag about movies becoming plays due to the lack of technology is a highlight, showcasing the series' ability to find humor in bleak situations.

In conclusion, "Mulligan Part 2" is a mixed bag. It has a talented cast, sharp satire, and visually appealing animation, but it’s hindered by uneven character development, tonal inconsistencies, and pacing issues. Fans of the first part will likely find enough to enjoy here, but the series might struggle to attract new viewers. It’s a show with potential that doesn’t always live up to its promise, but when it does, it offers a unique and humorous take on post-apocalyptic life.

For those interested in a comedic exploration of humanity’s flaws and resilience, "Mulligan Part 2" is worth a watch, even if it doesn’t hit the mark every time.

Final Score- [5.5/10]
Reviewed by - Anjali Sharma
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