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Netflix Reveals Trailer for Korean Thriller ‘The 8th Night’

With prayer beads in one hand and an ax in the other, a monk hunts down a millennia-old spirit that's possessing humans and unleashing hell on Earth

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Netflix has released a full-length trailer for its Korean mystery thriller “The 8th Night,” a chronicle of an eight-day battle fought to prevent breaking the seal of “That Which Must Not Awaken.” Once unleashed, “it” will cross seven stepping stones to bring the pains and suffering of hell to Earth.

The horror thriller movie “The 8th Night” will be released worldwide on July 2nd on Netflix.

The teaser trailer (watch above) opens with the monk Cheongseok, played by Nam Da-reum, asking, “What will happen when the sarira casket is open?” This innocent question sets the stage for the ensuing mystery. “That Which Must Not Awaken” has previously been separated into the Red One and the Black One and sealed in a sarira casket never to be reunited again. A series of mysterious deaths occur as “it,” as the hair-raising Red Eye, tries to stir back to life. Those defending the seal belonging to “it” have their fates hanging by a thread in spectacular and suspenseful battle scenes. Jin-su armed with prayer beads and an ax to carry out the fate he was born with — to deter the one that cannot be annihilated by preventing the reunion of its parts — provides an eye-catching visual befitting the genre. The grotesque corpses and the entity of the seven stepping stones that “it” needs to cross to bring hell to the world provide additional elements of intrigue to the denouement of the night with an unknown ending. The powerful scenes appealing to the senses promise audiences around the world a novel and chilling mystery thriller from Korea this summer.

Simultaneously released teaser poster features Lee Sung-min as Park Jin-su, the fated guardian. He is sitting in a dark room with dim candlelight casting its glow on his face that is impassive but has an intense and wary gaze that commands attention. The overpowering shadow behind him appears to be the one he must restrain, the personified image of “That Which Must Not Awaken.” This bizarre and menacing form piques interest as to how the story will unfold.


Viewers can look forward to stellar performances from the cast: Lee Sung-min as the “Guardian” Jin-su; Park Hae-joon as the Violent Crime Unit detective Kim Ho-tae; Kim You-jung as Ae-ran, a girl harboring a secret; and Nam Da-reum as the monk Cheongseok. These diverse characters add well-woven drama elements to the undercurrent of suspense in an unconventional story of a life-or-death battle to guard the seal of “That Which Must Not Awaken.” An ensemble cast of actors blessed with charming appeal and talent will not disappoint the viewers waiting in anticipation.

The 8th Night is written and directed by Kim Tae-hyung. Gom Pictures has produced the movie with Gogo Studio as co-producer.



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