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‘ONI: Thunder God’s Tale’ Netflix Series Review - Your Kid’s New Favorite Series

The animated series follows a courageous girl, who strives to follow in her mysterious father’s footsteps and find her true powers in a mystical world of Japanese gods and spirits

Riya Singh - Sun, 23 Oct 2022 09:45:55 +0100 4872 Views
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On a stormy night, Naridon comes to Mount Kamigami with his daughter in his hands. Without much inquiry, the villagers agree to accept him. As Ondari grows, a sweet father-daughter bond develops. Kappa is her best friend, and he has a puddle over his head. If that puddle gets empty, he faints immediately. So, at all times the water level must be maintained in his puddle.

Kappa sets the perfect example of a best friend. To clarify his part, he even followed Onari to the village of the Oni (the ones who are feared by these characters and understood to be demonic). He had to clarify his part even if that meant that he had to follow Onari to the darkest parts of the world. Kappa and Onari together go to a school where Mr. Tengu teaches them. He is like a bird and imparts valuable lessons to his students. Putaro (Naridon ‘s brother and a Thunder God)  is introduced in the second half of the series and with his entry, many things get clarified. 

The Japanese folklore characters shown in the series are extremely cute. With their colors and peculiar designs, they are going to become the absolute favorite ones of the kids. In my opinion, ONI: Thunder God's Tale is a perfect animated Netflix series that you can watch with the kids around you. Using the unique stop-motion style approach to CGI animation, the characters appear to be made of fibers. This approach makes the animated series by Tonko House very comforting to watch.

Japanese folklore has been combined with important lessons that make it an interesting watch. The lesson that I’m talking about here is the harmonious co-existence of two worlds: one that lives in the city and another that lives in the forests. Watching the series with the children will mean that the younger generation will understand this fact and pass it on to the next ones. There’s also a message given about saving the forests as they play a large role in all ecosystems. Two points of suspense have been maintained, this makes the audience get attracted to the screen until the very last scene. The animated series is four episodes long and each episode has a duration of 40 to 45 minutes. 

Most people will like Naridon’s character as he’s the one who spoke the least but did huge things with his actions. He was the one who proved that “Actions speak louder than words”. Enduring so much pain, he still knew how to give time to his daughter, and enjoy his personal space as well. You can see Naridon in the forest playing with the butterflies and rolling here and there. He left his past behind so that he can be dedicated to his present which is his daughter. Naridon doesn't speak much but still is the cutest, silliest, and deepest character. The parents will get to learn many things from him. Overall, Oni focuses on the dynamics between a father and his daughter and is a sweet animated series.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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