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‘Queenmaker’ (2023) Netflix Series Review - Political Hijinks

The series follows a corporate fixer, who uses her skills to change a civil rights lawyer into the next mayor and take down her former employer

Neha Krishna - Sat, 15 Apr 2023 11:19:53 +0100 3031 Views
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A compelling new Netflix series called "Queenmaker" revolves around the lives of a corporate fixer named Kim Hee-ae. The focus of the show is on her as she negotiates the complex relationships between the formidable bosses she works for and the vicious rivals who want to bring them down in the high-stakes world of corporate espionage. The show's creators have done an excellent job of creating a complex and intriguing character in Emma. Her loyalties are constantly tested as she grapples with the ethical implications of her work. While she is unapologetically ruthless in her approach, there are moments throughout the series where she reveals a more vulnerable side, giving viewers a glimpse into the inner workings of her psyche.

The protagonist of the Korean drama Queenmaker on Netflix is a business fixer who works for a large, crooked family that runs a chain of stores in Seoul. Kim Hee-ae plays the lead role of Hwang Do-hee, a PR prodigy who can turn any negative story into a positive one. Unfortunately, this causes her to get caught up in a web of corporate avarice, political chess, and, yes, even death.

Hwang Do-hee, the woman in the high heels in the opening scene, is portrayed by Kim Hee-ae. She works as an image consultant and fixer for the prestigious Eunsung department store and is in charge of coordinating Eun Chae-ryung's public apologies. Her family owns the Eunsung Corporation. Since Eun recently attacked several of her colleagues in a violent manner, the incident has made national news. Eun is obviously unstable.

Hwang deftly manipulates the narrative such that viewers feel empathy for Eun, a new mother. Postpartum depression was the cause! The media is very disrespectful to this poor woman! As we see in the first few episodes, Hwang has been working for Eun's family for years and enjoys their implicit trust. She can make any situation work in their favor. Son Young-sim (Seo Yi-sook), the matriarch and chairman of Eunsung, decides that she wants Baek Jae-min (Ryu Soo-young), Eun's husband, to run for Seoul mayor, and she wants Hwang to manage his campaign. Even though Hwang is aware that there are many ways in which this is in conflict, she cannot refuse Son.

Almost everyone likes Baek, who appears to be a respectable man who has put up with the unpredictable Eun's violent temper for seven years. Additionally, he has a warm place for Hwang, making the two of them seem like comrades. However, soon after, Baek informs Hwang that he is being threatened by one of their employees, who alleges that Baek sexually abused her despite his denials to the contrary. Han I-seul, who says that Baek sexually assaulted her, is fired by Hwang.

A labor rights attorney named Oh Kyung-sook (Moon So-ri) has been holding a strike on the premises of one of the Eunsung department shops, adding to the PR strain caused by Eunsung's recent termination of 500 female employees. Oh rejects Hwang's offer to pay him to leave the area. Hwang orders a subordinate to use all available means to persuade Oh to leave. (We have yet to see what this entails, but given that no one at the Eunsung firm has any morality, it can't be fantastic.)

Hwang walks to the business car that is waiting for her outside her office building in the last scene of the show while ignoring a text message from Han I-seul. Han's body slams onto Hwang's automobile as she approaches it. In order to avoid the embarrassment of being fired and having her narrative not be believed, she leaped to her death. But a cufflink belonging to Baek that had been missing from his shirt earlier in the show slips from her hand. Baek, the next mayoral candidate, appears to have lied about his friendship with Han after all, and Hwang will now have to clean up one more mess.

"Queenmaker" is a great addition to Netflix's catalog overall. The drama is sure to keep viewers engaged from start to finish with a multifaceted, compelling protagonist, a fast-paced plot, and great performances. "Queenmaker" is absolutely worth watching if you enjoy suspenseful television, business dramas, or just superb television in general.

Final Score- [7/10]
Reviewed by – Neha Krishna
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