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‘Raised by Wolves’ is Much More Mysterious Than We Think, and Season 3 Might Resolve It

Unlike any other Sci-Fi shows out there, ‘Raised by Wolves’ Season 2 added more mystery and challenged its viewers to think from both perspective - Science and Faith

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We all thought the first season finale blew us away with the unexpected and surprising Mother's Natural child, and we waited for more than a year to get the answer - if the child was really a Serpent or was it something to represent a bigger picture.

In Season 2, we got the answer - which is both. Every episode in the second season of Raised By Wolves is intriguing and surprising with hidden messages. There is Faith vs Atheists, Machine vs Humans, but all are leading towards a grand plan of the scheme. However, it is not determined, who is controlling things, Machines or humans, and do they follow faith, or are they Atheists believing only in Science?

The answers we seek may be hidden in the first two seasons themselves. The writers and producers have meticulously planned it, which amazes me. You can see everything with both the lenses - through Faith and Science.

Mother's Natural Child - The Serpent - When it first appears in the first season finale, we asked whether is it something godly or is it due to the atmospheric condition of Kepler-22b, but the best conclusion we arrived at was again a question that how a robot gave birth in the first place? It was called by many that the Serpent was actually representing a faith vs. science debate and its main aim was to conclude that there is no science without faith, while some also stated that Miracles do happen and science is behind them, not God.


The second season answered carefully without clearly dismissing any - The Serpent was in fact the Mother's Child, but it wasn't as natural as we thought. The robot was manipulated by something (AI or Godly) to carry it, and once it was born, it should do the job it was intended to - which has not been made clear yet. The Serpent was initially a herbivore eating melons and being Kind to Campion. But an ancient Mithraic artifact startles it, putting it into restlessness. Then it turns into a more violent and larger serpent with wings after eating the Mithraic tree planted from the seed in the artifact. So, what caused the sudden change in the Serpent - was it Mithraic god, Sol, or an AI? or is Sol an AI?

The series has left us to interpret the answer on our own. As the Mother says,  she sensed the child inside her when she entered the hibernation pod and discovered secret memories within her memory banks. So, it was obviously planted by a machine, but was it planted by Sol, or was the code already within her and was simply activated? Seeing the intentions of the Serpent later, he seems to be planted by Sol, who could be another powerful AI and not a god as the Mithraic believes.

The mystery deepens as the second season proceeds further, the Serpent never intends to destroy the Atheists colony, even being much more powerful than any other creature or machine out there. But he does try to eliminate Campion, who he was very fond of at the beginning. If Sol is a Mithraic god, why does he not annihilate the Atheists or force them to pray while fearing for their lives as considering the very concept of colonizing another planet arose after the Atheists versus Mithraic conflict destroyed the Earth?

Maybe Sol was aware that Campion could become an atheist leader in the future, who could eliminate the faith through his leadership or he could completely make the humans extinct.

Sea Creatures - These creatures were in the first season as well, but instead of Water (acid) they were living on land and in wells. They were dubbed as stilt-like creatures, a lower form of human who devolved instead of evolving after their arrival on the planet.


The second season's biggest reveal was the origin of these sea creatures - how the devolution of the human species led to the birth of these weird-looking sea creatures. Mother (Lamia) was the one to figure it all out. Mother learns that Grandmother aims to devolve this human colony into sea creatures, much like her crew of androids did to the last generation of humans on Kepler-22b. The ancient humans who arrived with other Lamia like Robots / Necromancers were forced off to live by eating the kinds of stuff out of the acid sea, which made them these sea creatures.

Did the ancient robots truly intend to devolve humans? or did they believe that was the only way for humanity to live, or they were victims of the Mithraic vs Atheists war, and Sol manipulated them as well? Also, did the Grandmother know about the plans of the Serpent? Why was she destroyed, and by whom? Who exposed the Mithraic artifacts and their ill intentions? If the first-generation humans on Kepler-22b had all this knowledge, how do they let them turn into sea creatures? If Sol is an AI, what does it really wants? If He's a God, then why destroy his followers?

These are the biggest intriguing questions that Season 3 might gave an answer to when it returns. I would expect a more compelling season, which should also reveal the origin of the Mithraic and Atheists war and if it was all due to a false God or a real one.

HBO Max is yet to officially renew "Raised By Wolves" for the third Season. We are all expecting the renewal to be just around the corner as we expect Season 3 to resolve at least a few of these mysteries.

Let us know your opinions below If Sol is just an AI or he is a God, leading Mithraic followers to Paradise.



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