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‘Resident Evil: Death Island’ Movie Review - Reunion of Fan-Favorite Heroes and a Complex Villain

Resident Evil: Death Island is a fan service film that brings together the franchise’s heroes and a new villain on a zombie-infested island.

Arpita Mondal - Mon, 24 Jul 2023 16:56:42 +0100 3044 Views
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Resident Evil: Death Island is the latest animated film based on the popular survival horror video game franchise that has been terrifying and entertaining fans for nearly three decades. The film, which is set between Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Vendetta, brings together some of the most iconic characters of the series for the first time on screen: Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers. Together, they face a new threat on Alcatraz Island, where a mysterious outbreak has unleashed a horde of zombies and mutants.

Evil legacy, featuring references and callbacks to previous games and movies. Fans will enjoy seeing the characters interact with each other, showcasing their personalities and relationships. The film also explores the trauma and guilt that the characters carry with them after surviving countless horrors and losing loved ones. Jill, in particular, is struggling with the aftermath of being mind-controlled by Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5.

The film also introduces a new villain, Dylan Walker, who is not your typical Resident Evil antagonist. Unlike Wesker or other power-hungry villains, Dylan is driven by sorrow and anger after losing his family in the Raccoon City incident. He blames Umbrella Corporation and the government for covering up the truth and leaving him to die. He has a twisted sense of justice and wants to expose the corruption and lies that plague the world. He also has a personal connection to one of the heroes, which adds more drama and tension to the story.

The film delivers on the action and horror front, with impressive animation and sound design that creates an immersive atmosphere. The film takes full advantage of the Alcatraz setting, creating a claustrophobic and eerie environment that traps the characters and the audience. The film also features some of the most grotesque and terrifying creatures in the franchise, such as giant spiders, mutated sharks, and a monstrous final boss.

The film’s plot is predictable and clichéd and does not explore the deeper themes or implications of the outbreak or the villain’s motives. For example, the film follows a typical formula of the heroes arriving at the island, investigating the outbreak, fighting the zombies and mutants, confronting the villain, and escaping. The film does not delve into the moral or ethical issues of bioweapons, corporate greed, government corruption, or human rights. The film also does not explain how Dylan obtained the virus, how he infected the island, or what his ultimate goal was.

The film’s pacing is uneven and rushed, and does not give enough time for character development or emotional impact which really disappointed me. For instance, the film jumps from one action scene to another without giving enough breathing room or exposition. The film also does not develop relationships or conflicts between the characters, such as Leon and Chris’s rivalry, Jill and Claire’s friendship, Rebecca and Dylan’s history, etc. The film also does not show the consequences or aftermath of the outbreak or the deaths of some characters.

I found the tone of the film inconsistent and sometimes too comedic or cheesy and does not match the seriousness or horror of the situation. The film has some moments of humor or banter that feel out of place or forced, such as Leon’s jokes, Claire’s sarcasm, Chris’s one-liners, etc. The film also has some scenes that are unrealistic or over-the-top, such as Leon riding a motorcycle on a cable car, Chris punching a shark, Jill shooting a spider in mid-air, etc. The film does not create a sense of dread or suspense that would make the audience feel scared or invested.

Resident Evil: Death Island is a film that tries to please the fans of the franchise, but fails to deliver a satisfying or original story. The film is a mishmash of recycled elements, clichéd tropes, rushed pacing, and inconsistent tone. The film wastes the potential of its characters, its villain, and its setting, and does not offer any meaningful or memorable moments.

Final Score – [5/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
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