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Netflix ‘Secrets of Summer’ Season 2 Review - Carries Forward the Story With a Breezy Attitude!

In Season 2, Steffi, Luz, and their family and friends fight for the future of Cielo Grande after Natasha and her brother Oliver take over the resort as a power play

Poornima Balsu - Fri, 30 Dec 2022 14:38:36 +0000 3938 Views
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The first season of secrets of summer was released in February 2022 and soon after, it got renewed for its second season. The second season of the teen series is now available on Netflix from December 30th. The first season included 11 episodes whereas the second season comes with a total of 8 episodes. Each episode has a run time of 28-40 minutes.

Secrets of Summer follows the story of a group of teenagers who work together for their dreams and also a common purpose which is to save an old hotel which is in the middle of the Argentine Delta. Steffi Novarro, the protagonist who is a wakeboarding champion, was on a journey to take part in the wakeboarding festival and also to find out some secrets concerning her father. She meets various people at the Cielo Grande hotel, like Luz, Julian, and Augusto. By the end of the first season, several revelations are made, secrets are found and the last episode ends on a cliffhanger which now brings us to the second season of this Argentinian series.

The second season is more about protecting the hotel from its potential threats. This season we are introduced to a new character called Oliver, who takes over the hotel and brings in some changes which Steffi and the gang despise. This season is more about keeping intact whatever they have protected and loved till now and also a step further into Steffi’s dream of wakeboarding.

This Spanish series is a mix of suspense, romance, teen entertainment, and also musical moments. The main cast remains the same – Pillar Pascual as Stefania (Steffi) Navarro, Abril Di Yorio as Luz Aguilar, Guido Pascual as Julian, Victor Varona as Antonio (Tony), Thais Rippel as Natalia (Naty), and Francisco Bass as Ron Navarro Lavalle.

The second season starts exactly where the first leaves us off. The first season leaves us guessing about the future of Cielo Grande and also about who Oliver is. In the second season, the story gives the viewers an idea about Oliver and how he is going to affect the future of Cielo Grande.

In the second season, we see Steffi reflecting on some of her actions in the first season which might have certain effects on her life shown in the second. Natasha also has an important part to play in the story as she brings trouble to Steffi. The rivalries, jealousy, and musical elements in between are all that make this series a breezy watch.

Every character has been involved in the story and their stories make the entire series complete. And due to this, the viewers will have a lot to focus on and enjoy most of the series. Even though the series has a very slow pace, it is a very peaceful teenage show and can be enjoyed by viewers of the same age group. The series however has a peaceful and understanding ending between all the characters. The climax of the series will turn out how the viewers want it to be and will make the experience of watching this series contentful.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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