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‘Shooting Stars’ (Sh**ting Stars) Netflix Series Review - Life and Romance Behind the Camera

The series follows a dynamic PR executive, who finds herself working with her irksome nemesis — who happens to be a megastar client as frustrations and feelings collide

Riya Singh - Wed, 12 Oct 2022 22:13:12 +0100 14466 Views
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Oh Han-byul is a celebrity manager and a team leader who works in Starforce Entertainment, the company that also manages Gong Tae-sung, a famous Korean actor. He has been doing social work in Africa for one year and is being applauded for the same in his country and the people are anticipating his return. We can see this actor everywhere, and the love that the audience showers on him can’t be imagined. He’s literally on every other hoarding and advertisement. Why the female lead character doesn’t like him much isn’t revealed until a hint at the end of the first episode.

Due to her busy life, Oh Han-byul has no personal life. Even if she goes on a blind date, the universe somehow doesn’t take it nicely, and the problems follow her. Gong Tae-sung, on the other hand, is a very loved actor, but he’s not without his temper which is hidden from the public eye. Imagine a romance between these two, this is what ‘Sh**ting Stars’ is all about. Their romance also doesn’t have a smooth journey because Gong Tae-sung will always be in the limelight for anything he does, and the same applies to his relationship with Oh Han-byul.

Oh Han-byul played by Lee Sung-kyung and Gong Tae-sung played by Kim Young-dae had great chemistry between them. The series has everything that one can expect from a romantic comedy. After the end of the first episode, a curiosity is created in the minds of the viewers that’ll keep them hooked to the screen until the last episode. The episodes are an hour long each, and we get to see what goes behind managing a star and their public image. 

With the Korean Film Industry getting very popular, this series provides an insight into how hard their managers and teamwork are so that the stars don’t get misjudged by the audience and receive good quality work. Office drama and romance are an advantage to the plot of Shooting Stars. Apart from the lead cast, the romance between three other couples has also been shown, which is sometimes able to steal the limelight from the lead couple itself. 

The struggles of an actor to maintain his privacy has been highlighted. The fans should understand that apart from being a celebrity, they have their personal lives as well. Yes, they are public figures and that doesn’t mean that their private lives are also up to go into the public for their judgment. This is an important message that has been delivered in Shooting Stars which is a story about different people who clean up after the stars. 

In my opinion, this Korean drama will win the hearts of the audience with its cute plot and characters. There’s hardly anything in this series that can be hated by anyone. The story involving the journey from enemies to lovers is always fun to watch as it brings several fights and misunderstandings with it. As the plot progresses, the same enemies can be seen falling head over heels for each other. 

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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