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Tarisland Features that Players Should Know Before Starting

The active level that you can now get is 30, you can upgrade it yourself, but keep in mind that there is a daily limit on experience,

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When World of Warcraft began to be ousted from the Chinese gaming industry, the question arose of replacing the main project in China.

Chinese gamers are distinguished by their propensity to grind perseverance and willingness to play around the clock, so the MMO RPG genre is especially popular in China.

Tarisland is supposed to immerse players in a new fantasy world with old features and new ideas, and the project has even been released but continues to receive active additions.

The active level that you can now get is 30, you can upgrade it yourself, but keep in mind that there is a daily limit on experience, or order Tarisland boost from professional servers and get a maximum level hero and explore the territories of the Teris continent.

Pumping system

A classic leveling system is waiting for you, which will be mixed and matched with various leveling ideas that will be offered to players by the developers.

Story quests

You will explore the history of the Theris continent and gain levels by completing story missions related to the main events and causes of major conflicts between factions and races.

Secondary quests

These are quests that are available from local NPCs, but as planned by the game developers, you will not receive any clues about where to get them - this encourages gamers to be adventurous and explore all the nooks and crannies of the Teris continent in search of experience and gold.

Daily quests

You will receive regular tasks that you need to complete during the game day in order to gain additional experience. If you do not have time to realize your idea, then just waste your efforts, because the quests are either completed or not.



Tarisland has a professional system similar to World of Warcraft and similar projects but with a number of differences, limitations, and features.

Due to professions, you will be able to provide your hero with equipment and weapons, but the limitations relate to the ability to create a complete set, then you need the services of other artisans and specialists.

You can only learn one profession, and a full set is created with several specializations for creators. This encourages players to connect and interact with each other and earn gold on demand from other gamers.

You can explore:

●    Blacksmith craft
●    Sewing
●    Leatherworking
●    Engineering

Classes and Choosing Your Hero

Tarisland has a classic selection of heroes, which are not much different from other projects in their standard concept, but Tencent managed to surprise with some mechanics.

You can choose:

●    Paladin
●    Barbarian
●    Warrior
●    Assassin
●    Bard
●    Priest
●    Ranger
●    Mage

Each class can choose one of two specializations and develop up to level 30 - the maximum for this stage of project development. The focus and strength of skills for each class depends on the choice and is set individually.


A class that is a priori defensive and according to the lore of most game projects is positioned as a defender of light and a fighter who relies on auras to protect himself and his allies.

You can choose two development paths for the Paladin - defensive and attacking.

When choosing defense, you will get the best tank in Tarisland, with auras and good group and solo skills to save allies from death.

When choosing an attack, you will rely on the hammer and the power of light to deal devastating damage, becoming a full-fledged warrior with a high defense of your hero.


The Barbarian is a warrior concept that wields a weapon that is wielded in both hands and charges it with energy to give its attacks a special effect.

You can charge your weapon with lightning and when you attack one target, nearby opponents will also receive a rebound from lightning, and there are many such examples - one of the most interesting and combinable classes.


Warrior has a mixed skill concept between barbarian and paladin, depending on the hero path you choose.

If you follow the attack path, you can master a hero that uses powerful skills and activates limits - a temporary but strong increase in attack power during normal attacks.

If you choose the defense path, you can use taunt on enemies and get a significant increase in physical and magical defense to focus damage on yourself and protect your allies.


A melee fighter who uses daggers and quick stealth attacks to strike at the most vulnerable points and inflict fatal wounds and poisons to finish his goal even without continuing the melee.

You can choose the direction of stealth and surprise strikes, or combined attacks, which determine the potential of the class due to speed and a large number of simultaneous attacks from two hands with daggers.

Hit enemies activate bleeding and poisoning, and watch your targets die of damage themselves.

The assassin is especially strong and good in raids if there is a good tank in the group, which does not allow the boss to change the target of the attack and allows you to freely hit in the back and inflict the most damage that the assassin can provide.


A mixture of an attacking character and an auxiliary character to provide the battle group with buffs, hp, and mana, as well as weakening enemies.

A bard is a hero whose raid and group leveling is indispensable, but the character itself can well be leveled by himself due to strong AoE effects and weakening the defense of targets.

The character has a bright and interesting animation and each melody is accompanied by visual and sound accompaniment

You must perform several tasks at once:

●    Help the priest and heal the group.
●    Generate mana for all heroes that have a direct dependence on the parameter for using skills.
●    Cast buffs for the group.
●    Weaken the attack and defense of opponents.
●    Deal AoE damage.



A protective mage who specializes in concentrating light magic to heal, resurrect, and cleanse allies of negative effects.

A character that is dependent on mana and physical and magical defense, because priests are always the number one target for any enemies, including bosses.

You can choose not only the branch of defense but also attacks, becoming a full-fledged magician who uses light as a weapon, not salvation.

Please note that when choosing the path of the magician, all the rules and requirements for the attacking class immediately apply to you, including a good weapon for maximum DPS.


A classic archer with a wide range of skills to shoot enemies from a distance. It has the ability to constantly maneuver and dodge, break through armor, and summon a predator to fight on its side. Direct opposition to the magician due to the distance of the battle and strong physical damage.


Powerful AoE damage, enhanced attacks with the elements of fire, ice, or lightning. Depending on the path, damage to all targets, and the consequences of attacks



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