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‘Team Zenko Go’ Netflix Series Review – Secret Superheroes of Harmony Harbor

Set in the town of Harmony Harbor, Team Zenko Go is a new pre-school animated series that is currently streaming on Netflix

Riya Singh - Thu, 17 Mar 2022 09:35:56 +0000 5521 Views
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Team Zenko Go is an animated pre-school series with four superheroes who can also be addressed as a group of helpful kids. There is no suspense or violence in this, which makes it an apt choice for our young viewers.

Zenkos is a Japanese word that simply means good deeds and hence in this pre-school superhero series, we see the four members of Team Zenko Go helping out their neighbors. This tale of the town of Harmony Harbor even teaches its audiences the value of teamwork, humility, and compassion as the heroes have different abilities, genders, and races.

In each episode, two different scenarios have been shown. Whenever there is such a scenario in the neighborhood of Harmony Harbor where people need help, the Team Zenko Go goes for their rescue. They help the people in disguise so that they can believe that the world is a better place and indirectly the world indeed becomes a better place to live. They use a noodle van for running their mission with Aunty Yuki. All the team members dress up in their mission suits when they have a mission to do.

There is a new addition to the Team Zenko Go- Ari. So, now there are four members in it- Niah, Ellie Jax, and Ari. Ari is a disabled child and is seen in a wheelchair but has a very sharp mind. He is handy with all the new technologies and proves to be useful in all the missions. Through seeing him, children around you will learn not to treat such children differently. There is also a cute squirrel in this series- Ponzu which is hard to miss because of her expressions and cute actions.

Parents will feel great about their kids watching this series as it is clever and fun to watch. These days even some pre-school series show explicit content because of which the parents have to be aware regarding what is their kid watching. With this show, parents don’t need to worry as only good or positive things have been shown. The kids will also learn a lot of things from this show.

There are 12 episodes in this kids series which have a runtime of only 20-25 minutes. This series will be greatly enjoyed by children and even by adults. The plot of this pre-school series is amazing as with each episode we see this amazing team helping out the people in their neighborhood without taking any credits or demanding anything from return. Such type of series is best for children through which they indirectly learn various values and morals.

Team Zenko Go is a compelling series that even adults can watch. As the weekend is approaching, one can easily finish this new pre-school series that is available on Netflix.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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