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The New Mutants Review: Anya Taylor-Joy Comes Out Shining In A Visually Amazing Film

All the characters in the films are well written and well-executed by the actors, the sci-fi horror genre film gave me an enjoyable 90-minutes even with a not so scary and predictable storyline

Greg Becker - Fri, 28 Aug 2020 16:05:50 +0100 3223 Views
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The New Mutants has finally arrived in theaters and for those who don't know the history of this film, it was originally scheduled to arrive in theaters in April 2018, and from that time it has been postponed 5 times. But still, the film is not very lucky as now when it has been releasing, there is an ongoing pandemic and the audience is not much eager to watch it.

The story starts with Dani Moonstar (Blu Hunt) running from the Cheyenne reservation where she lived with her father after a devastating attack by a gigantic supernatural beast. When she awakens, she finds herself being held in a containment facility with other teenage mutants who still do not control their powers and, are a potential danger to society. Although Dani still does not know her abilities, there she meets with other four young mutants, discovering a world full of possibilities, but also of terror.

The film is inspired by Mystical Bear Saga (The Demon Bear), published in the 80s. The film starts at a slow pace and gives you enough time to know every mutant. I very much understood each of them, what are their powers, their fears, and how smart are they. The storyline is pretty much predictable and the film has the horror vibe but still, it was not able to scare me much even with a much lesser audience in the hall.

Directed by Josh Boone who was recruited for the project has done a good job while casting. The one who made the main difference were, the two actresses with the most mileage: Maisie Williams, in the shoes of Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane), and Anya Taylor-Joy, who is playing Illyana Rasputin (Magik), these two characters are more developed and better transferred from the vignette to the frame. Of course, once again the usual chronological chaos of Fox's mutant universe prevails and Illyana's roots are overlooked. Blu Hunt's character Dani and her love story with Rahne were one of the attractions and are at the heart of the story that cannot be missed.


The cast of the film is very attractive and has done a tremendous job which can be felt by the audience, with Anya Taylor-Joy who will arouse passions with her Magik, which is everything dangerous and sexy that demands her character and his fans. And I must say that Anya's introduction to Mutant universe was way better than what Sophie Turner accomplished in Dark Phoenix.


The action scenes and visual effects were great. The Demon Bear was scary and it was represented perfectly. The 90-minute film was not a perfect execution from Boone of a good idea but, the characters came out shining and, the film delivered an enjoyable time.


If the film is playing in your local theaters, then watch it, you won't regret it. But if you think that its better to be safe and stay at home then also you will not regret, as there won't be much difference in enjoying this film in theaters and watching it at home when it comes out.


Final Score – [7.5/10]

Reviewed by: Greg Becker


In case you are interested in watching this movie, Here is the trailer for the same:




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