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The Night Manager (2023) Part 2 - Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More on Hotstar

The first part of The Night Manager follows an ex-soldier, Shaan Sengupta, who must infiltrate an arms dealer’s inner circle to bring down his empire of war

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The Night Manager, the crime thriller series is a remake of the British TV series of the same name that got released in 2016. They’re both based on the novel by John Le Carre. The filming of the series was beautiful and was done in Jaisalmer, Delhi, Shimla, Mumbai, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East.

The Night Manager was a fresh addition to the Disney+ Hotstar platform that received mixed reactions from the audience. Some were completely in awe of it while some regarded it as an average release. The thing that everyone had in common was that they liked the performance by Anil Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor. There wasn’t much of a story in part 1 and the main events that’ll change the course of the series will be shown in its second part, as revealed by the teaser at the end of the fourth episode of part 1.

The Night Manager Part 1 Recap

The Night manager part 1 was released on February 17, 2023. In this series, we see that Shaan Sengupta works as a night manager at The White Flower resort in Bangladesh. He is extremely professional and performs his duty well. Before coming into the hospitality industry, he used to be in the Indian Navy but was forced to leave it as he attacked his superior during a mission.

During his time in Bangladesh, he came across a young girl Safina who was married forcibly to the owner of The White Flower, Freddie Rehman. Safina belonged to India and she desperately wanted to return to her country and asked for help from Shaan. After failing to help the girl, and her being thrown from the top floor of the construction wing of the hotel, Shaan goes into complete isolation and shifts back to India. He starts working at a hotel in Shimla. There he crosses paths again with Shelly Rungta, the same man who was responsible for the death of Safina.


Shelly Rungta is a businessman who deals with arms and has been the target of R&W for many years, but they were unable to collect any data on him to put him in jail. He tells the world that he is an agriculture businessman when in reality he has been shady all these years.

Shaan again contacts Lipika, the R&W officer who helped him in Dhaka, and collects all the necessary evidence. The amount of evidence he collects in the small time of their paths crossing each other is extraordinary, and Lipika extends her help again at the cost of her job. She’s willing to expose Shelly, but some elements in the government are with him in this business and are causing trouble for her. These two, Shaan and Lipika together come up with a plan that gets Shaan close to Shelly Rungta. He ends up being a trusted person in Shelly’s group. Read our Review.

The Night Manager Part 2 (Season 2) Release Date on Hotstar 

The official release date of The Night Manager Part 2 is confirmed to be somewhere in June 2023. The exact release dates have not been revealed yet and as soon as the confirmation is received, the same will be told to our readers. Just like the first part, it is expected that the second one will also have four episodes.

Expected Plot of The Night Manager Part 2

Shaan Sengupta will surely lose his mind. Part one had already hinted that he’s like an ill-manufactured bomb that can detonate in your hand if not handled properly. Even when he was in the Navy, he attacked his superior hence, the chances of him screwing up the mission are very high.

In light of how he was seen romancing Kaveri, the probability of him getting caught up and being exposed by Shailendra has reached tenfold. Let's see how Shaan gets himself out of trouble this time.


Lipika Saikia Rao needs to come up with solid plans to save her job and Shaan and expose Shailendra’s black business to the world. Things won’t be easy this time as Shaan has decided to go on this journey alone without her help. Let's see how she manages to bring this operation under control, especially with her job being on the line and being pregnant. 

In the first part, we saw that Shaan was made the CEO of a shell company dealing with arms. So, naturally, the question arises in our minds what will he do with that position? How is Lipika going to handle this situation? Kaveri seemed to have been hiding many things about her past life in part 1, what were they? These all questions need to be answered in the second part of The Night Manager. 

The Night Manager Part 2 Cast

The series consists of Anil Kapoor playing the part of Shailendra Rungta, Aditya Roy Kapoor playing the Shaan’s part, Sobhita Shulipala in the role of Kaveri, Tillotama Shome in the role of Lipika Saikia Rao, Rukhsar Rehman in the role of Mrinal Singh, Ravi Behl in the role of Jaiveey Singh, Saswata Chatterjee in the role of BJ aka Brij Pal, and other cast members. All the actors were praised for their performance in the first part and are expected to return for the second as well.



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