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‘Unsung Hero’ (2024) Movie Review - A Family Drama that Will Bawl Your Eyes Out

A story about a family and how they stick together in every hard and happy phase of their Journey.

Ayasa Mallick - Wed, 12 Jun 2024 19:43:03 +0100 1758 Views
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Recently Released, Unsung Hero is one of the best movies I have seen this year. It is a perfect family movie and a slice-of-life film that is inspiring and heartwarming. Having High expectations and hopes for a movie is a very basic thing and the same was expected from Unsung Hero. As it is a family movie, I thought I would get bored of watching it, but it turned out that I couldn't skip a single second of the film.

I am very drawn to movies and series with the concept of music and life struggles, Unsung Hero has everything a slice-of-life and musical movie should have. From the characters to the songs, everything is on point and more than perfect. The star cast did a great job in portraying the respective roles given to them.

What's more fascinating about Unsung Hero is that it is based on a true story. This made me bawl even harder because every sad scene is true, and those things happened in real life. Unsung Hero is a type of movie that deserves to be seen by many and is worth praising. 

The movie is about David who is a promoter and works in the music industry. He works for the singer Amy Grant, but due to some issues, he lost his job along with a huge amount of money. This problem not only affected him but also his family.

David has a very supportive and sweet wife, Helen Smallbone. After David’s music company collapses he decides to go to Nashville from Australia and start a new beginning by opening his company there. But things started to fall apart when the whole family moved to Nashville.

While searching for talent and hope in other artists to get back on track, David learns the gem and talent hidden in his own family. David and Helen notice the beautiful voice of their daughter, Rebecca Smallbone, and think of making her a singer.

The whole journey of the Smallbone family from Australia to Nashville and then handling hurdles together in Nashville made my eyes full of tears. The movie is very heartbreaking, and motivating, and it won't make you stop admiring the whole bond between the Smallbone family members.

I also got disappointed with the character of David at one point but slowly I understood his point of view and why he took those actions. It was a great treat to my eyes, and my mind got a break while watching it. I would love to suggest this movie to those who are into Music and are a type of dream chaser.

If Unsung Hero is on your list, then you shouldn't hold yourself back from watching it. Do let us know your views on Unsung Hero and how much you liked the movie.

Final Score- [8.5/10]
Reviewed by - Ayasa Mallick
Publisher at Midgard Times



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