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‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ Netflix Series Review - The Journey of a Couple

The series follows a couple for whom a marriage proposal becomes the beginning of an uphill struggle over wedding preparations

Riya Singh - Thu, 26 May 2022 06:41:30 +0100 11359 Views
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Everything has its phases, whether it be deciding to marry someone and then actually pulling it off. Welcome to Wedding Hell shows the journey of a couple right from the proposal, then meeting each other parents, and discussing financial issues. This series will make every user understand pretty much what goes inside planning a wedding. Even things like planning the wedding have their emotional stages that involve both the partners and their respective feelings. What happens if at some point they are not able to convey what they are feeling and what's going on inside their head? Our lead couple Na-eun and Jun-hyeong will take you with them on their journey.

In the first episode, they can be seen walking in a park, holding hands. Na-eun notices a few couples as they pass them. She looks at an old couple and imagines what their life could be if they both get married? So, marriage is definitely on the table for this young couple. She is even seen asking herself- “What would it feel like to get married?”

By the end of the second episode, we know that these both are going to make a beautiful couple even though they still face some communication issues. These issues only arise because one partner hesitates to discuss a thing because they think that their beloved one may get hurt. Friends also influence their journey. While some can be seen encouraging them, others are busy putting words in their mouths.

Who’s gonna propose first, financial issues, budget-making for the marriage, these are the things that this couple could have done easily if they had not been influenced by their friends. Friends either have a positive impact on life, or they are the ones to fill your mind and life with negative things. It’s on you to decide on which path you want to go. Thank god, this lead couple has a mind of their own, and they realize soon that they are being influenced by their friends and the experiences they had in past.

It’s not necessary that if someone had a bad experience in the institution of marriage, then the same thing would happen to you. Everyone has a journey of their own, and it's on them to decide how they’re gonna pursue that path. Na-eun and Jun-hyeong make a lovely pair who know what they have to do and are great for each other.

The lead actors Lee Jin-wook and Lee Yeon-hee have played their roles with conviction. Welcome to Wedding Hell is for the viewers who’d like to watch a romantic drama with the lead actors sharing great chemistry. They both are hopeless romantics who are deeply in love with each other. The wedding is being covered in the initial episodes, the later ones cover the Hell. There are a lot of drama and fights, and then, in the end, I just hope that the couple remains strong.

In my opinion, this is a great series, and if you like watching romantic dramas, go for it. Sharing love and then having an equally disturbing fight, let’s see how Neu-eun and Jun-hyeong will handle it. Overall, it's a great watch, and the advantage here is that usually the Korean dramas have 50-60 minute long episodes, and in Welcome to Hell, the episodes are short, crisp, and sweet.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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