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Who Are The Most Loved Star Wars Characters?

There is a character for everyone to love in the Star Wars universe as each character brings something unique and captivating to the franchise

Edward Jones - Mon, 15 May 2023 11:48:02 +0100 1986 Views
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The Star Wars franchise has a diverse and extensive cast of characters, making it almost impossible to find a single character universally regarded as the most loved. 

Now with series such as The Mandalorian and Andor bringing a whole new generation of Jedi newbies, it seems almost any character from the galaxy, old or new, could take first place.

However, we’ve compiled a few of the internet’s most talked about Star Wars characters to see if we can narrow it down. Let’s take a look:

The Mandalorian

Before we start, we must acknowledge the exploration of new names and characters for you not-so-modern Star Wars fans. If all you currently understand about Star Wars are the George Lucas films - don’t worry. Through PIA's Star Wars quiz, you can explore new characters, such as The Mandalorian, and older characters within the Star Wars universe.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with The Mandalorian.

Also known as Din Djarin, this exciting new Star Wars galaxy character has brought a fresh perspective to the franchise by exploring new cultures in the Star Wars universe and strong characters.

The Mandalorian, superbly portrayed by Pedro Pascal, brings mystery to a multidimensional character by wearing a helmet never to reveal his face. However, his stoic and honorable nature and his sense of duty and loyalty make him relatable to many viewers.

The Mandalorian’s background and exploration of his connections to Mandalore create a captivating narrative in this series, undoubtedly making him a quick contender to be one of the most loved Star Wars characters to date.


Darth Vader

Oh, let’s take a walk on the dark side!

Vader’s appearance alone puts him above any other villain in film history. His menacing black armor, flowing cape, and that distinctive helmet - all explored by Fast Company, with the heavy breathing sound effects - chills.

But there is more to Vader than his imposing appearance. It’s his captivating and tragic villain origin story that captured the hearts of Star Wars fans. Starting as an innocent and talented Jedi, the seduction by the promises of power and the desire to save his loved ones sends him to the dark side.

Vader’s compelling internal struggle between good and evil resonates with audiences, as we can all relate to the struggle between our light and dark sides.

Princess Leia

And we’re finishing this with the small but mighty Princes Leia. Played by the late Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia Organa is a strong and independent leader in the Rebel Alliance.

Her determination, bravery, and sharp wit made this princess way ahead of her time as far as princesses in Hollywood go. This, in turn, inspired a new generation of strong and independent female Star Wars fans. As Entertainment Weekly so delicately stated, Princess Leia represents not just the Star Wars galaxy but also the future generation ‘hope.’

Pick Your Fighter

In conclusion, regarding the vast array of Star Wars characters, it isn’t easy to pinpoint a single character as the most loved. Each character brings something unique and captivating to the franchise, whether from the original George Lucas films or The Mandalorian series. There is a character for everyone to love in the Star Wars universe.



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