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‘You’ Season 4 Part 1 Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

In Season 4, Joe vows to bury the past and be his best self as he begins a new life in London. However, a new obsession begins to take hold on the rocky road to redemption

Bradley - Thu, 26 Jan 2023 11:21:57 +0000 3423 Views
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Netflix has divided the fourth season of YOU into two parts, and the first part is just two weeks away from the premiere. Netflix has revealed the first trailer for ‘You’ Season 4 Part 1, which will release on February 9, while the second part will be released on March 9.

The first trailer for Part 1 of You Season 4 gives us a better idea of Penn Badgley's Joe, who is heartbroken and living in London. Aside from teaching at a university and fleeing his past. Joe isn't the only modern-day Jack the Ripper in town, as the "Eat the Rich Killer" is targeting the "circle of privileged douchebags" he's befriended. As a result, Joe must channel his inner Sherlock Holmes and find the killer before they dismember Joe's scholarly new life. From assassin to a detective? Joe, on the other hand, clearly has the range. 

In Season 3, Joe and his equally murderous wife, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), settle down in the wealthy northern California town of Madre Linda. Despite a shared hobby, the couple grows further and further apart — especially once Joe finds a new obsession with local librarian and artist Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). Love, fully aware of what's going on with Joe, warns Marienne to flee before she dies like every other woman in Joe's life. Love is aware that her marriage is over, but she takes the phrase "till death do us part" seriously and begins plotting her husband's death. In the Season 3 finale, Joe outsmarts Love, killing her before she can kill him, then fakes his death and travels to France to find Marienne.

In Season 4, Joe is now living in London as a college professor named Jonathan Moore and he wants to prove that he’s not a terrible man, by living quietly the Professor's life, nursing his broken heart, and thoroughly minding his own business. As Joe started showing interest in Charlotte Ritchie’s Kate, a mysterious person who knows about Joe’s past seems very interested in exploiting it.

Season 4 cast also includes Charlotte Ritchie as Kate, Ed Speleers as Rhys, Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe, Lukas Gage as Adam, Amy Leigh Hickman as Nadia, Stephen Hagan as Malcolm, Ben Wiggins as Roald, Niccy Lin as Sophie, Eve Austin as Gemma, Aidan Cheng as Simon, Dario Coates as Connie, Ozioma Whenu as Blessing, Sean Pertwee as Vic, Alison Pargeter as Dawn, Brad Alexander as Edward, and Adam James as Elliot. Below is the full cast description:

Charlotte Ritchie's Kate, a director at an art gallery, is fearsomely smart, independent, suspicious, and fiercely loyal to her friends. Lady Phoebe, her best friend, is especially close to her heart. Kate prefers "arrangements" to love, which is why she dates Malcolm, a fun but self-centered partygoer. When Malcolm invites Joe, an American outsider with no apparent means, into their privileged world, Kate dislikes him and has a strong suspicion that something about him is not as it appears.

Tilly Keeper's Lady Phoebe is sweet and kind as she is rich, famous, and chaotic, her every bikini wax has been documented by the tabloids since she was 15 years old. Phoebe, an aristocratic socialite with a large fan base, reveals her true colors when she's alone with her friends. She is a staunch supporter of them, particularly her American entrepreneur boyfriend Adam. She's also a wild card: will she rise to the occasion or crumble when disaster strikes?

Lukas Gage is Adam, the youngest son of an East Coast magnate, who is famous for failing to meet his family’s standards. He's a warm party host and a quick friend, but beneath that outgoing exterior is a treasure trove of secrets. He takes risky swings to prove himself, living by the adage that a good businessman will do anything to get richer. Is he in love with Phoebe or just using her? He's clearly manipulating all of his friends; the only question is how far he'll go.

Amy Leigh Hickman's Nadia is a literature major with a love of genre storytelling and the aspiration to be a serious author. She also has an outspokenness and intensity that help to conceal her insecurities. She's made some big mistakes in the past, but they're now threatening to ruin her life. She'll need assistance to get through it, even if it means turning to the wrong people.

Ed Speleers' Rhys is an author whose memoir garnered him acclaim — and pressure to launch a political career. Rhys had a traumatic childhood before attending Oxford and making all the right friends. He can now easily move through any social circle while also seeing through those around him. He doesn't have much time for partying, but he enjoys keeping in touch with his eccentric university friends. After all, they were there for him during his tough past.

Niccy Lin's Sophie has the mind of an entrepreneur in the body of a pampered jet setter. On social media, she may appear to be lounging in a bikini, but every aspect of her feed represents expertly negotiated high-end sponsorship deals. Sophie is a watchful protector of her introverted artist brother, Simon, beneath her whimsical exterior.

Aidan Cheng's Simon is impossible to impress and abhors small talk and strangers. The Oxford-educated son of a Chinese technology magnate, proved the world wrong when, despite his wealth and sheltered life, he demonstrated himself to be a worthy artist.

Stephen Hagan's Malcolm is a literature professor who enjoys all the social perks of the job without working very hard. Malcolm is a drug-addicted party animal whose friendliness can devolve into bullying if you resist. He's dating the brilliant and successful Kate, which speaks volumes about his intelligence and maturity. However, he is also seeing a few others on the side, which negates the bonus points.

Ben Wiggins' Roald hails from an old aristocratic family whose names are on many important buildings around Europe. He is attractive, stylish, and well-mannered, but there is a cold calculation to Roald, not to mention rumors of a hidden dark side.

Eve Austin's Gemma is a member of a privileged circle of friends who met at Oxford. She has never considered life beyond the next VIP event, fashion show, or date. She's a good party friend, but her sheltered upbringing has rendered her shockingly tone-deaf and deafeningly insensitive to those of lesser means.

Ozioma Whenu's Blessing, a Nigerian princess with several post-graduate degrees, is an investor with a passion for cryptocurrency. Her carefree risk-taking in life and business has paid off time and again. She is wry, fun-loving, and unapologetically cliquish with her university friends. What is her mystery? She believes we are all living in a simulation, and that only fools would refrain from doing whatever they want.

Dario Coates' Connie attended Oxford with Kate and Phoebe's friend group. He's upper-crust, posh — basically, a soft sportsman who's also loud and potty-mouthed. His true loves include horse racing, drinking, and cocaine. Connie has probably never had to deal with a negative consequence in his life.

Season 4 is produced by Berlanti Productions, Alloy Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television and developed by Gamble and Berlanti and based on the books You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. Executive producers include Berlanti, Gamble, David Madden, Gina Girolamo, Michael Foley, Sarah Schechter, John Scott, Neil Reynolds, Leslie Morgenstein, and Justin Lo.



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