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‘Alchemy of Souls’ Season 2 Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

When a young woman, a prisoner in her own home, requests his assistance to restore her freedom, Uk becomes a hunter of the soul-swapped

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Netflix has revealed a new trailer for the second season of ‘Alchemy of Souls.’ The ten-episode ‘Alchemy of Souls’ Part 2 will premiere on December 10, 2022, on Netflix and tvN, with new episodes every Saturday and Sunday.

The 20-episode first season of Alchemy of Souls, which aired from June 18, 2022, to August 28, 2022, was successful in setting the bar high for a fantasy period drama series.

The first season of Alchemy of Souls ended with a drastic turn of events. Mu-deok went mad, and her body started turning into a stone. After Jung Uk got killed by Mu-deok, he is seen erupting from flames, getting resurrected because he has the power of the King’s star. Mu-deok jumped into the river where the body of all the shapeshifters rest. Just as she was close to her death, a pair of hands come and save her. In the final moments of the final episode of season 1, Jang Uk is seen mercilessly killing people with the help of Naksu’s sword. 

As the Crown Prince came into Jin Mu’s talking, he might also be seen attacking Jang Uk at regular intervals. Earlier it was the Shaman Choi who was making the crystals for soul-shifting and now, it very well might be the Crown Prince with the Shaman gone. The King had always been insecure about the person born with the King’s Star and after discovering that Jang Uk is the one with it, he will not spare Uk. Many troubles are in Jang Uk’s way and he somehow has to save himself and his love. 

Mu-deok won’t be back in the second season. Instead, Nak su will return. Go Yoon-jung plays the role of Nak Su. It is a win-win situation because Jang Uk’s love is not lost after all. The whole cast of Alchemy of Souls season one except Jung So-min who played Mu-deok, is returning. The rest of the cast including Lee Jae-Wook (as Jang Uk), Jung So-Min (as Mu-Deok), Minhyun (as Seo Yul), Yu Jun-Sang (as Park Jin), Yoo In-Soo (as Park Dang-Gu), Lee Do-Kyung (as Heo Yeom), Hong Seo-Hui (as Heo Yun-Ok), Jo Jae-Yun (as Jin Mu), Park Eun-Hye (as Jin Ho-Gyeong), Arin (as Jin Cho-Yeon), Shin Seung-Ho (as Go Won), Oh Na-Ra (as Maidservant Kim Do-Joo), and others will return for the second season.



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