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Apple TV+ ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ Episode 5 Review - Empowering Encounters and Culinary Rebellion

The episode follows Elizabeth’s determined pursuit of her stolen research, her foray into television, and the strains it places on her daughter, Mad.

Anjali Sharma - Fri, 03 Nov 2023 02:00:07 +0000 639 Views
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In the latest episode of "Lessons in Chemistry," titled "CH3COOH," we witness Elizabeth Zott's unwavering determination to reclaim her stolen research, confront the suffocating grip of patriarchy, and navigate the complex realm of motherhood and ambition. The show continues to impress with its brilliant storytelling and social commentary, even though it starts a tad slowly.

The episode opens with Elizabeth, once again reminded of the research stolen from her seven years ago, reigniting her passion for scientific exploration. Her resolute spirit is inspiring, and it's clear that she won't rest until she regains her rightful place in the scientific world. Elizabeth's character arc is a testament to the strength of women in an era where their voices were often stifled.

The highlight of this episode is the encounter with Borowitz, the man who stole her research. His apology and offer of a reference letter are mere facades for another attempt to exploit her brilliance. He wants her to be a secondary author while he takes the credit, a situation that Elizabeth promptly sees through and rejects. This confrontation brilliantly portrays the condescension and male entitlement that women of that time had to endure. Elizabeth's refusal to bow down to Borowitz's manipulation is empowering.

Simultaneously, Elizabeth faces the challenge of providing the best education for her daughter, Mad. Her recognition of Mad's potential leads her to consider moving to a more prestigious and expensive private school. This subplot reveals the sacrifices Elizabeth is willing to make for her child's future, juxtaposed with her burgeoning career in the cooking show industry.

Walter's offer, allowing Elizabeth full control over her cooking show, becomes a turning point for her. Her decision to step into the world of television broadcasting opens up an exciting new avenue for her character. However, her unconventional approach to the cooking show clashes with the conventional expectations of the network and the infamous Phil. The clash of their ideologies is evident, and it's clear that Elizabeth will not succumb to the pressures of being the "conventionally hot mom" that Phil desires.

What truly stands out in this episode is the depiction of patriarchy. The incessant mansplaining and condescension that Elizabeth faces hit close to home, and the show brilliantly captures the essence of the era. Visual metaphors are woven throughout, reflecting the challenges faced by women in the 1950s. They are interrupted, not heard, and have to raise their hands for recognition, while the men barge in with audacious opinions. These metaphors provide a powerful commentary on the gender dynamics of the time.

The episode also skillfully juxtaposes Elizabeth's growth with the emotional struggles of her daughter, Mad. As Elizabeth's career takes off, Mad begins to feel increasingly detached, grappling with the absence of her father and her mother's busy schedule. This parallel storyline adds depth to the narrative, portraying the complexity of balancing ambition and motherhood.

While the episode starts a bit slowly, it quickly gains momentum and keeps viewers engaged with its strong character development and social commentary. The climax, where Phil prepones the live airing of the cooking show in hopes that Elizabeth will falter, is a brilliantly executed moment. The stark contrast between the disapproval of men and the overwhelming support from female viewers is a powerful statement on women's empowerment.

"CH3COOH" is another stellar episode in "Lessons in Chemistry" that showcases Elizabeth's journey of self-discovery, societal rebellion, and the harsh realities of her time. It leaves us eager to witness how she will continue to challenge conventions and break through the barriers that society places in her path. This series continues to be a remarkable exploration of a woman's resilience and her pursuit of a career in a world dominated by men.

Final Score- [9/10]



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