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Crime-Thriller Series ‘A Model Family’ Gets Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

The series follows a cash-strapped professor, who discovers that acting as a drug courier is the only way to save his family after unintentionally stealing money from a cartel

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Netflix has revealed the trailer and premiere date for the Korean-language series, ‘A Model Family.’ The 10-episode crime-thriller series, ‘A Model Family’ will release on August 12 on Netflix, worldwide.

A Model Family is about an ordinary man, Dong-ha (Jung Woo), who is on the verge of bankruptcy and divorce when he discovers a car full of money and begins using drugs. The plot unfolds as he becomes involved with Gwang-cheol (Park Hee-soon), the drug gang's second-in-command who is putting pressure on him. Meet the intense energy of two men who must protect their families and their money.

The lead cast of the series includes Jung Woo as Dong-ha, Yoon Jin-seo as Eun-joo, Park Hee-soon as Gwang-cheol, and Park Ji-yeon as Joo-hyun. The cast also includes Kim Sung-oh as Choi Kang-jun, the new face of a drug gang whose eyes show madness, Kim Shin-bi as Oh Jae-chan, Park Doo-shik as Mingyu, a member of Gwangcheol's group, Won Hyun-jun, and Shin Eun-so.

Dong-ha is a typical family breadwinner. Eun-Joo is his wife, who has a secret that nobody knows about. Meanwhile, Dong-Ha is having financial issues and is about to divorce his wife. One day, he comes across a vehicle with a large amount of money. As a result, he becomes involved with Gwang-Cheol (Park Hee-Soon), the number two guy in a drug gang. Detective Joo-Hyun (Park Ji-Yeon), the commander of a drug-crime investigation squad, investigates Dong-Ha and Gwang-Cheol.

The series is directed by Kim Jin-woo from a screenplay written by Lee Jae-gon.



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