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Egyptian Horror ‘Paranormal’ is Creepy, Spooky, and the #1 International Series on Netflix

‘Paranormal’ is very original, and it will give you constant suspension and curiosity, make you want to know what happens next and what the mystery is all about

Bradley - Sun, 08 Nov 2020 21:52:27 +0000 6355 Views
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Within a week of its debut, ‘Paranormal’ has become one of the most-watched non-English shows this week. Currently, it is trending as the no.1 international series in many countries.

Based on the best-selling thriller novel series by Dr. Ahmed Khalid Tawfik, the series, as the name suggests, follows the paranormal activities related to supernatural beings such as ghosts, mummies, and creatures from Egyptian, Greek, or medieval mythology such as naiads, succubi, demons, etc.

There are not many critic reviews available on rotten tomatoes to give the series a critic score, but the audiences have given it so far a whopping score of 98 out of 100. Similarly, on IMDB, the series has a rating of 9/10 with a total of around 35K votes, it also confirms how this underrated series is performing on the biggest streaming platform.

People are very much impressed with the work done by Ahmed Amin, who plays the main protagonist Refaat Ismail, as he is just amazing in the series. Though many credits go to the whole team behind the series, including the creator Amr Salama as the music, cinematography, and story progress is outstanding throughout the first season. Razane Jammal, who plays Maggie, offers a good duo with Ismail, but unlike him, Maggie is very much expressive.

Refaat Ismail is a cynical Hematologist with a sharp temper and distinctive physique. He’s messy, gloomy, and nihilist with an absolute carelessness towards the world, unable to express his feelings, which is why he only ever loved one woman, his college mate Maggie, a love that he never confessed. During the show, he faces a series of supernatural events and tries to unravel them to convince himself -being a man of science- that the Paranormal world does not exist.

Set in 1969, each episode of the series explores a different paranormal activity, and all of them are somehow related and adds to the main plot of the show. Because the show is very true to the books, the content of the show is very original, and it is likely to get you hooked. Fans are also describing ‘Paranormal’ not to be very scary, but it is creepy and spooky. If you liked “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” you are probably going to like this one as well. It will give you a constant suspension and curiosity, make you want to know what happens next and what the mystery is all about. This is an old idea, but it surprisingly delivers the best and far better than “The Haunting of Bly Manor.”

Also, unlike the other films of the same name (Paranormal in the title), this show is not captured on a handheld camera or CCTV.

The series also creates history on many fronts. It is the first original horror series in Arabic out of Egypt. It is also the first Egyptian Original show that will have audio and written descriptions for disabled individuals.

Paranormal is currently available in 9 languages, including English-dubbed in every country where Netflix is available. The series is reportedly getting a second season, however, there is no official announcement yet.



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