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Korean Series ‘My Name’ Gets An Action-Packed First Trailer at Netflix

The series follows a revenge-driven woman, who puts her trust in a strong criminal boss and joins the police force under his direction. Coming October 15

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Netflix has revealed the first trailer for Korean-language action-packed thriller, "My Name." Starring Han So-hee in the leading role, the 8-episode series will premiere on October 15 on Netflix.

My Name is about a revenge-driven, who joins a crime ring and becomes an undercover cop to uncover her father's killer. Director Kim Jin-min previously collaborated with Netflix on his critically acclaimed Extracurricular, an offbeat story about the darker side of high school teenagers. The trailer for My Name, his highly anticipated second collaboration with Netflix, has been released.

The trailer shows Han So-hee as Jiwoo, who is planning her revenge with the help of a crime boss as she joins the police force. The trailer has many action sequences featuring some car stunts and fight scenes showing Han So-hee's fighting skills.

Her portrayal of Jiwoo in My Name is diametrically opposed to her previous well-known roles as Yeo Da-gyeong in The World of the Married and Yu Na-bi in Nonetheless. Han So-hee, who performed in the challenging action scenes, is compelling as Jiwoo, a lady who willfully enters the criminal underworld to avenge her father's murder and becomes a police informant under an alias. She will go to any length for vengeance and is confronted with harsh realities.

Earlier, the teaser poster revealed a gripping copy featuring a haunting image of Han So-hee that reads: “No one can know. My enemy, my revenge.”

With Jiwoo and the other fascinating characters played by Park Hee-soon and Ahn Bo-hyun, director Kim Jin-min weaves a rich and dramatic plot with his great sense of suspense. My Name looks to be a satisfying action noir picture with a tight plot and terrific suspense.



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