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‘Love & Death’ Episode 7 Review - Echoes of Truth

The final episode follows Candy Montgomery’s harrowing testimony as the truth of the murder unfolds through haunting flashes of violence.

Anjali Sharma - Thu, 25 May 2023 08:19:56 +0100 2970 Views
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In the climactic finale of Love & Death titled "Ssssshh," viewers are plunged into the tumultuous world of Candy Montgomery as she takes the witness stand, still under the influence of her nerve-calming medication. The anticipation builds, mirroring the frenzied media circus that surrounds the courthouse, hurling insults and accusations at Candy. The stage is set for a revelation that will unravel the truth of the murder, a truth that may forever remain a mystery despite the court's decision.

From the opening moments, it becomes apparent that this episode holds the key to the enigma we've been waiting to unravel. A narrative choice to withhold the depiction of the murder until the finale leaves us in suspense, eager to finally witness the shocking event that has haunted us throughout the series. The storytelling technique takes us on a journey through Candy's questioning, deftly interweaving past and present, offering glimpses of the gruesome scenes that unfolded on that fateful day.

The courtroom becomes an arena of raw emotion as Candy's answers align with the flashes of the violent confrontation between herself and Betty Gore. We are drawn into their world, feeling the weight of their trauma, violence, and anguish. The brutality of the axe attacks, depicted with visceral detail, surpasses the most intense moments in Game of Thrones, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.

The episode's title, "Ssssshh," reverberates throughout, creating a haunting soundscape that reflects the anger festering within Candy. Betty's shushing triggers repressed childhood trauma, igniting a devastating transformation. The sound of the shush echoes through the courtroom, accompanying Candy's every word and gesture. Elizabeth Olsen's nuanced performance breathes life into the character, her subtleties, and hidden depths evoking profound empathy as Candy navigates the harrowing memories that unfold before the jury's eyes.

While the trial progresses, the depiction of Betty Gore's lawyers introduces a moral complexity. Their smugness and almost villainous nature incite infuriation, an unexpected reaction given the horrific nature of the crime they represent. The disclaimer that events have been dramatized hints at a discrepancy between the portrayal and reality, raising ethical questions about the liberties taken in adapting true stories. Yet, despite this dissonance, the episode manages to elicit conflicted emotions as our sympathy fluctuates between the two women caught in a violent and tragic dance.

The tension further intensifies with the testimony of the psychiatrist who had previously hypnotized Candy to uncover the truth. Despite his compelling account, the judge and prosecution belittle his expertise, a reflection of the prevailing skepticism towards mental health in the 1980s. These moments highlight the challenges faced by those seeking understanding and compassion in an era of limited awareness.

Amidst the courtroom drama, Don, Candy's lawyer, becomes a beacon of resilience and defiance. His relentless pursuit of justice lands him in jail once again, unjustly penalized for defending his client's rights. The humor injected into these scenes provides a brief respite from the intensity, showcasing the strength of Don's character as he fearlessly challenges the biased judge and the status quo.

As the trial reaches its climax, the weight of the verdict looms heavy. The brilliant performances of both lawyers during their closing statements add to the poignancy of the moment. With bated breath, we wait for the final judgment, even though we know the outcome from the historical record. The direction, writing, and acting build suspense that grips us, making it impossible not to share in Candy's overwhelming relief and release of emotions when she is declared not guilty.

A poignant epilogue follows, capturing the aftermath of the trial. Candy and her family prepare to leave the state, symbolizing a fresh start and a chance to heal the wounds that will forever mark their lives. The final encounter between Candy and Allan, her former lover, conveys the weight of their shared history, leaving us with a sense of resolution.

In conclusion, Love & Death's finale, "Ssssshh," excels in crafting a mesmerizing and emotionally charged episode. Through skillful storytelling, the episode seamlessly intertwines plot and emotion, immersing us in a web of suspense and empathy. The masterful use of sound, powerful performances, and moral complexity of the characters create an experience that resonates deeply with the audience. As the series draws to a close, the lasting impact of Candy Montgomery's trial reminds us of the enduring power of true stories brought to life.

Final Score - [8/10]



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